Trump’s ‘Incohorent’ Answer On Global Warming Shows He Knows Absolutely Zero About Climate Change, Critics Say

Donald Trump delivered what has been called an “incoherent” answer to a question about global warming, one that has critics thinking that the president may not actually know anything at all about climate change.

Trump has long been a skeptic of man-made climate change, frequently deriding it while on the campaign trail and even calling it a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. When he became president, Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, a move that has drawn widespread criticism both within the United States and abroad.

Donald Trump has since found his way into a series of other controversies, but a new interview with Piers Morgan once again has Trump’s global warming skepticism directly in the crosshairs of his critics.

In the interview, which is set to air on Sunday, Morgan asked Trump if he believed in the existence of climate change. The answer Trump delivered was described by the Sunday Herald as “rambling and incoherent.”

“There is a cooling, and there’s a heating. I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming. That wasn’t working too well because it was getting too cold all over the place,” Trump said (via the Independent).

As the report from the Independent noted, Donald Trump appeared to misunderstand even the basic facts regarding climate change.

“Global warming and climate change are often used interchangeably, but in fact refer to slightly different things. The two are not mutually exclusive.

“While global warming refers only to the Earth’s rising surface temperature, climate change is a broader term that includes the other effects of carbon pollution, such as changing weather patterns.”

Donald Trump went on to say that the ice caps are at a “record level” despite predictions that they would be melting, though that seems to ignore evidence of a worldwide warming trend. As the Independent noted, the Met Office, NASA, and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration all found that 2017 was one of the hottest years ever recorded.

Even Trump’s claims regarding the ice caps are “fake news,” the Sunday Herald added. In March of last year, sea ice levels in both the Arctic and Antarctic reached record low levels.

The interview is bringing widespread criticism for Donald Trump even before it airs in full, with many criticizing what appeared to them to be a total lack of understanding about the effects of climate change.

The Global News noted that Trump’s interview drew an immediate rebuke from scientists. Ten climate experts contacted by The Associated Press all agreed that Trump’s statements about climate change were not accurate, the report pointed out.

“Clearly President Trump is relying on alternative facts to inform his views on climate change,” noted Rutgers University climate scientist Jennifer Francis. “Ice on the ocean and on land are both disappearing rapidly, and we know why: increasing greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels that trap more heat and melt the ice.”

While Donald Trump may continue to deny global warming, among the scientific community there is close to a 97 percent consensus on the belief in man-made global warming, the Independent noted.