Jill Duggar Finds New Way To Up Her Style Game, Wears Something Jinger Hasn’t And Gets Called ‘Hot’

Jill Duggar has updated her look again, and she possibly just upstaged Jinger with her latest outfit. She didn’t even have to wear pants to get fans talking this time. Instead, the former Counting On star showed off her bare legs and rocked a pair of high heels that made her husband’s Instagram followers lose their minds.

On Saturday evening, Derick Dillard took to Instagram to share a photo that was taken at a friend’s wedding. In the snapshot, he and Jill Duggar are both showing off the outfits that they wore to the event. However, few of Derick’s followers complimented his suit and tie or brown leather shoes; Jill stole the spotlight from her husband with her above-the-knee little black dress and gold high heels. The shiny shoes featured a cut-out design and a skinny heel, and they’re unlike any footwear Duggar fans have seen Jill and her sisters wear before.

“Sexy shoes Jill!” remarked one fan.

“Your wifey looks so HOT!!! GOD BLESS U TWO!!!” wrote another.

Derick’s Instagram was flooded with reactions to his wife’s high heels, and most of the comments were positive. However, the shoes were so daring for a Duggar that some fans complained about them being too sexy.

“Those shoes look like she borrowed them from a stripper,” wrote one high heel hater.

“Do you always let your conservative wife wear f**k-me pumps?” read a question aimed at Derick.

As most Duggar fans know, Jill grew up in a household where all women are expected to adhere to a strict dress code. In a TLC blog post, Michelle Duggar made it clear that she doesn’t want her daughters to wear pants. Skirts that don’t cover the knee are also a no-no. However, the Duggar family matriarch’s feelings about footwear are somewhat foggy. She and her daughters talked about their family’s style rules in a 2015 video for People‘s Most Beautiful issue, and Michelle said that one of her rules is to “never wear a heel.” However, she seemed to suggest that this might be more of a personal preference.

“I just can’t do heels,” she said.

Even if Michelle Duggar discourages her daughters from wearing high heels because she considers them immodest, Jill can now wear them if she wishes; the Duggar girls get to make their own fashion rules after they get married.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, Jinger was the first Duggar daughter to wow fans by stepping out in high heels, but she seems to favor wedges and booties with thick stacked heels. Jill’s gold shoes look much different from those her younger sister has been photographed wearing, which explains why fans had such a strong reaction to them.

Jill was also following in Jinger’s stylish footsteps when she began wearing jeans. However, she can boast being the first Duggar daughter to get a nose piercing. She can be seen rocking it in the photo below.

Because Jill Duggar didn’t start drastically changing her style until after her younger sister overhauled her own wardrobe, some fans think that the overwhelmingly positive response to Jinger’s new look had something to do with Jill’s decision to give herself a makeover. In response to an Instagram photo of Jill wearing pants, some fans even speculated that there’s a sibling rivalry brewing between Jill and Jinger that is influencing their style choices. In other words, Jill may be trying to one-up Jinger with her nose piercing, high heels, and short dress.

Even if she isn’t engaged in a clothing competition with Jinger, Jill has most certainly learned that she’s going to get lavished with praise every time she dares to try something different with her look.