Kylie Jenner To Live Private Life After Baby Birth: Her Plans After Welcoming Child [Rumor]

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Kylie Jenner’s mindset has completely changed since finding out she is expecting her first child, it’s been claimed.

The reality star, who made her first public appearance in four months this week, had been visiting a new home that’s still in construction, and from what Hollywood Life reports, she’s planning to expand the home to a compound.

Kylie Jenner wants complete privacy; upon the birth of her baby, she wants to make sure that there’s absolutely no chance someone could trespass her property, so it was important for her to check out the workflow of how things are coming along.

Reportedly, Kylie has completely distanced herself from the social life and simply wants nothing more than to be a doting mother to her baby, which she’s expected to give birth to in the next couple of weeks.

That doesn’t mean that Kylie Jenner won’t be active on social media anymore — her mindset just so happens to be focused on family and raising her child.

Having already built an empire that’s worth $1 billion, Kylie Jenner feels that she can handle most of her work commitments from home and use her social media as her platform to market her products.

But, at this given point, it seems unlikely that Kylie Jenner will still be partying with friends in Hollywood nightclubs like she used to.

The home that Kylie is said to have purchased is still going through construction and renovation, but once everything is done and dusted, it will have plenty of rooms, a private farm, a garden, and, one of the socialite’s favorite additions, her own horse stable.

so... the Holiday Collection launches today ????

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Kylie Jenner is showing fans clear signs that she’s not afraid to ditch the limelight for a private life in Hidden Hills, particularly now that she’s just weeks away from giving birth to her first child.

She’s fully prepared for the lifestyle change and is simply hoping that things will continue to turn out the way she had hoped while pregnant, particularly that Travis Scott moves into her home once the baby has arrived.

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The duo is alleged to have been arguing about their work schedules, but they are working it out, insiders reveal.