Justin Bieber Boycotts Grammys Until He Finalizes His New Album Amid Selena Gomez Romance

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Justin Bieber will not be attending the Grammys this year, it has been alleged.

The singer is said to be entirely focused on his new album, which he’s believed to have started working on a few weeks back.

While information regarding the new record is still vague, Justin has definitely started the process of finding out where he wants to take his music with the choice of songs he will release either later this year or at the top of 2019.

As previously revealed, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee will be performing at the event on Sunday, and from what was gathered, they had hoped to perform “Despacito” with the help of Bieber, but now that he’s made it known he’s not attending, that won’t be happening.

It’s further mentioned, however, that fans shouldn’t be surprised about Justin Bieber’s decision not to attend the Grammys, simply because he hasn’t been spotted at many public events in quite some time.

Most of his time has been occupied with his on-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, whom he got back together with in September following her split with The Weeknd.

It’s rumored that the couple is looking to purchase their first home together, having focused their attention to religion in an effort to strengthen their bond for one another and avoid the chance of breaking up again.

Justin Bieber reportedly working on a new record comes three years after the 23-year-old released his previous album, Purpose, selling more than 522,000 copies in its first week in the United States and four million worldwide.

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Gomez, herself, confirmed last month that she is planning to release her next studio album before the summer.

In other related news, last year, Justin Bieber boycotted the Grammys because he didn’t feel as if the award show was fairly giving out awards to artists that deserved it for their bodies of work.

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Justin Bieber hasn’t addressed the matter himself, with sources being the only outlet to talk about the singer’s reasons for not having attended the Grammys in a while. It’s unclear whether the Biebs will want to comment on the situation for that matter.