Travis Scott: Kardashians Tearing Kylie Jenner Romance Apart Over Neglecting Pregnant Star’s Concerns [Rumor]

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Travis Scott has been told by Kim Kardashian that several of her family members have not been happy with how he’s handled Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, it has been reported.

According to Hollywood Life, the Kardashians haven’t seen eye-to-eye with Travis Scott, who was contractually obliged to head out on his world tour prior to having found out that his girlfriend was pregnant with their first child.

Because of that, he hasn’t been spending a lot of time with the socialite, as he’s busy performing across the globe.

With that said, however, when Travis does have some time away from touring, it’s believed that the effort the rapper makes to care for Kylie is minimal, with Kim and the rest of her siblings being the ones who are truly supporting the 20-year-old throughout the process.

Kim, especially, has been very annoyed by Travis’ behavior as of late, having allegedly texted him about her inner feelings regarding the matter.

In one text message, Kim reportedly told Scott that she doesn’t agree with his way of handling the pregnancy. If anything, Travis should make time for Kylie the second he knows he’s got some time off from touring.

Hollywood Life strongly implies that this has not been the case, with Kylie heavily relying on her sisters to help her through the tough times she’s faced during her pregnancy.

It’s also said that the socialite recently moved into her mother’s home in Calabasas for moral support as she gears up to birth her baby girl in the forthcoming weeks.

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The outlet concludes by noting that Kim wants Travis Scott to be a better boyfriend and treat his girlfriend the right way, particularly now that she’s just weeks away from entering the delivery room and welcoming their child into the world.

The rapper, on the other hand, allegedly feels like he’s being bullied by the famous family over time management that hasn’t been in his control.


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Travis Scott is expected to move into his girlfriend’s Hidden Hills mansion once the baby has arrived in February.

It’s unclear whether those plans are still set in place now that Kylie and Travis are butting heads more often than usual.