Meghan Markle Is Massaged Inside Her Mouth On Regular Basis For $350 A Pop


Becoming a Royal Family member awards Meghan Markle some special perks and it sounds as if Prince Harry’s bride-to-be is enjoying the ride as she makes her way to the wedding altar. One of the several rituals of personal care that Meghan is involved with is getting her mouth massaged on a somewhat regular basis.

This is done by a specialist named Nichola Joss, who is a masseuse that actually works on the inside of Meghan’s mouth. Her specialty involves massaging the mouth from the inside out and believe it or not this is a treatment that is often done in lieu of going under the knife for a facelift. Meghan is one of the folks who swear by this treatment working to give you more of a “sculpted” look.

Meghan once said that “as silly as it may feel,” it works. Nichola is sculpting Meghan’s face from the inside out via her mouth and in between these mouth massages, Meghan is given facial exercise to do at home. The Daily Mail suggests that it “certainly seems to work as few would guess that at 36, Meghan is three years older than her besotted beau.”

According to an article from Harper’s Bazaar back in December, Meghan credited facial exercises for keeping her “sculpted facial features” looking sharp. These are the exercises she does with Nichola and in between her treatments.

Nichola spoke with Vogue about “her almost-royal client” and described Meghan as being against that mannequin look. She said that Meghan is very much into looking natural. Nichola has her fair share of celebrity clients and she is “very much in demand.” Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez are two of Nichola’s big-name clients along with Meghan Markle.

Nichola is just one of the beauty and living skills specialists that Meghan has on her schedule. Some of these people were booked solid but were able to squeeze her in considering she is the bride of the royal wedding which is taking place this spring. So what other treatments has Meghan undergone so far?

Meghan has a skin-specialist who offers a six-month wait for “commoners” to get an appointment with her. Sarah Chapman was able to fit Meghan in right away. Her first appointment was right before her engagement was announced. Chapman’s treatments make Meghan’s skin “sparkle.” These treatments include a “stem cell facial” to the tune of about $370 to a complexion-enhancing treatment, which is the one Meghan favors. That treatment is a more reasonable at just a wee bit over $100.

Meghan also has access to a man who the Daily Mail calls a “Godsend from Harry’s regiment.” He is considered a PR Guru and he is working with Meghan around royal public engagements. Edward Lane Fox is showing Meghan the ropes in public. He is giving Meghan Markle some guidance around handling the royal limelight, which is a much different kind of limelight than what Meghan experiences from her fame on Suits.

Meghan has an assistant to help her with whatever she needs through daily life, Amy Pickerill was “hand-picked” for her by Prince Harry. She worked for him as an assistant private secretary at one time. There is a woman named Heather Wong, who is an assistant to Harry’s private secretary. She is tasked with carrying Meghan’s belongings while in public so her hands stay free for greetings. The list goes on as Meghan Markle gets the royal treatment ahead of her induction into the Royal Family via her up-and-coming wedding.