Tim Tebow Rumors: Former NFL Starter Appears To Be A Top Target For Newly Re-Forming XFL

Tim Tebow has faced rumors of a football comeback for years since falling out of the NFL, but now there is a real, substantial report of a potential comeback — an invite from Vince McMahon to join the soon-to-be-revived XFL.

The WWE boss announced this week that he would be reviving his controversial and ultimately failed competitor to the NFL, with a new league worth of teams starting up in 2020. McMahon mentioned Tebow specifically during his press conference announcing the league, answering a question about whether the onetime Broncos starter would be welcomed in the league.

While it may still be a few years before the XFL is off the ground, the rumors of a potential return for Tim Tebow are already spreading. The Sporting News named Tebow as one of the top players that the league should be targeting, along with other quarterback flameouts like Johnny Manziel and Vince Young.

It is not clear if Tim Tebow even has plans for a football comeback at this point, however. He has made the transition to baseball and spent the summer of 2017 moving up within the New York Mets farm system and appears to be headed back that way.

Earlier this month, the Mets announced that Tim Tebow is invited to their big-league camp in Port St. Lucie, Florida, next month — just one of nine non-roster invites. As USA Today reported, Tebow is still seen as a long-shot to ever see the MLB, but showed enough talent to remain in the farm system and could become a fixture of the lower levels.

But there is a lot of time between now and 2020, and if Tim Tebow doesn’t pan out in baseball then the rumors of a football return could grow as the XFL starts to take shape. Vince McMahon has earned his legacy with the WWE as a showman, and Tebow would likely be a big draw for fans in a league that would need big moves to pull attention away from the NFL. If Tebow is still available and even slightly interested as the league starts to take shape, the rumors of his football return will likely grow even louder.