Kim Kardashian Poses In Lycra Shorts And Bra Top On Instagram To Hype New Product, Gets Slammed By Fans

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Kim Kardashian seems to have been inspired by the arrival of her third baby when it comes to baring her body on social media. Kardashian has been treating her fans to a series of racy poses on Instagram. Her most recent photo shows Kim sporting a bra top paired with Lycra pants as she hyped her new fragrance line. But although some of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s fans praised Kardashian’s outfit, others slammed her fashion choice.

When it comes to knowing how to make the most of her social media platforms, Kim has been proving that she’s upped her Instagram game. The UK Daily Star pointed out how Kardashian artfully combined a racy pose and cheeky style to promote her new perfume products on Instagram.

“Kim Kardashian shrink-wraps booty in Lycra shorts. Kardashian has unveiled her newest perfume range, just in time for Valentine’s Day.”

Even though Kim just welcomed a new daughter into her life, she appears determined to keep up her social media following. Kardashian’s baby girl Chicago was born this month, but she’s been stunning her fans with Instagram photos ranging from topless bathroom selfies to intimate bedroom poses.

Kim Kardashian Channels Her Inner Marilyn Monroe

In Kim’s newest Instagram photo, Kardashian holds a big plastic heart. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star looks as if she’s channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe with her pose.

While Kim’s little sister Kylie Jenner rules as the lip kit queen, Kardashian seems to have decided to carve out a new niche as the fragrance diva. That heart labeled “BAE” offered a clue that Kim is positioning her perfumes as ideal for gifts to girlfriends, with her timing making it perfect for Valentine’s Day. But fans’ comments made it clear that they were focused more on Kardashian’s figure than her new products. The publication pointed out that Kim made the most of her hair without hiding her hourglass body.

“Kimmy’s long platinum locks fell down in loose waves, although [her hair] did nothing to conceal her sensational curves.”

The heart offered a clue to Kim’s new design for her perfume line, which is packaged in heart bottles. Last year, Kardashian unveiled a crystal-themed perfume series. That collection, which consisted of Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, and Crystal Gardenia Oud, sold out in less than a week.

For her fragrances, Kardashian promised a full range of scents in her Instagram caption, from Bergamot to “juicy mandarin Orpur” to kiwi flower. Kim also hyped traditional perfumes with her “Jasmine Sambac, Gardenia blossom,” and coconut fragrances. While vanilla, sandalwood, and musk also belong in the classic perfume category, Kardashian added a twist with her promise that the combined scent is “truly decadent.”

Kim Kardashian Seeks To Focus On Fragrance: Fans Obsess On Figure And Hair

Kim got poetic about the fragrance, promising that the “juicy mandarin and mouth-watery kiwi” provide the path to “a flirty floral heart” featuring jasmine, gardenia, and “ribbons of whipped, vanilla and velvet sandalwood.” But fans weren’t quite so poetic in their responses.

“Lmao I liked this and then immediately unliked.”

Some fans focused on Kardashian’s whittled waistline, which took center stage because of her shorts and bra top combination. That resulted in accusations by one follower that Kim used Photoshop to achieve that flat tummy and hourglass figure.

Several accused Kardashian of trying to steal her sister Khloe Kardashian’s signature look. One fan said that she thought it was Khloe when she first looked at the photo, while another had styling advice for Kim.

Kim Kardashian wore a racy outfit for an Instagram photo.
Kim Kardashian wore a racy outfit for an Instagram photo.Featured image credit: Charles SykesInvision/AP Images

“Omg…no Kim that look is Khloe’s,” wrote the critical follower, advising Kim to stay with her dark hair and smoky eyes.

And then there was the follower who thought that Kim had taken her throwback style much too far.

“2009 called.. they want Kim back.”

Kardashian had at least one supporter, however. Although some criticized Kim for borrowing Khloe’s style, Khloe herself didn’t seem to feel resentful. Kardashian’s pregnant sister praised Kim’s photos, urging her to “show it off” and promising that she was “here for it.”

But many of Kim’s fans were not as kind as Khloe. Some couldn’t resist slamming Kardashian’s overall appearance. One wrote that Kim was “not hot at all,” while another thought Kardashian’s ponytail made her look like a horse.