WWE Rumors: Sexual Assault Allegation Against Vince McMahon Could Bring Major Trouble For Entire WWE

Michael N. TodaroGetty Images

Vince McMahon faced sexual assault allegations from a tanning salon employee who claims the WWE boss groped her — and rumors indicate that the case could have a huge impact on the WWE.

The allegations stemmed from an incident in January 2006, with a 22-year-old employee of a Boca Raton tanning salon claiming McMahon tried to kiss and grope her. As the New York Daily News reported, the Tanzabar Tanning Salon employee claimed Vince McMahon tried to show her nude and semi-nude pictures on his phone, then tried to kiss and fondle her before she rebuffed him.

The salon owners did not want police to be notified, the New York Daily News reported, but the woman wanted to press charges. Police found there was “probable cause” to believe that McMahon touched the woman against her will, but prosecutors chose not to pursue the case any further.

The allegations have come to light at what is otherwise a successful stretch for McMahon and the WWE. The company’s stock has risen 75 percent in the last year, reaching a five-year high of $34 per share.

As Seeking Alpha noted, most of the rise has been within the last three months as McMahon capitalizes on the popularity of the WWE. But the report on the rise of the wrestling outfit also pointed to some potential liabilities for the WWE as Vince McMahon’s sexual assault allegation starts to gain traction. The report noted that within the WWE, “the sun rises and sets at the whim of its founder.”

The report went on to add that McMahon’s other ventures have a strong bearing on the WWE. It noted that if his latest venture, reviving the XFL, were to become a failure, it could drag the WWE down with it. The same would likely be true of Vince McMahon’s past allegations, as the WWE remains intricately tied with McMahon.


It is not yet clear what level of blowback Vince McMahon could face for the allegations, or if he may face other accusers. But other high-powered men accused of sexual misconduct have suffered sharp consequences — with Kevin Spacey losing his Netflix show, Harvey Weinstein being booted from his own company, and Louis C.K. losing a slew of in-the-works projects.

While rumors may hint at trouble for the WWE after Vince McMahon’s sexual assault allegation resurfaced, there is no official response yet from McMahon or league representatives about the allegations.