Icelandair Duct-Taped Disorderly Passenger Video: Watch


Remember that allegedly drunk guy on Icelandair who was duct-taped to his seat because he was attacking other passengers and otherwise out of control?

Well, amateur video has emerged of what he looked like — and sounded like — after being placed in restraints on the flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to JFK Airport in New York City last Thursday.

According to an Icelandair spokesman, “to ensure the safety of those who were on board he was restrained by the crew and passengers and then was monitored for the duration of the flight for his own safety.” This came after he allegedly chugged an entire bottle of hard liquor, started ranting that the plane was going to crash, and tried to choke a women sitting next to him among other things.

Aircraft generally carry plastic handcuffs and tape just in case.

According to the New York Post, two male passengers and an off-duty pilot took care of business:

“An off-duty captain helped the good Samaritans hold him down while Icelandair’s flight crew closed in with green duct tape and Flex cuffs, which they used to bind the man around the ankles and knees.

“They duct-taped [the man] to his seat and gagged his big mouth — just for good measure.”

Cops took the intoxicated passenger into custody after the flight landed in JFK. The Post reports that he was treated at a NYC hospital for alcohol poisoning but apparently won’t be prosecuted because other passengers were unwilling to give witness statements to police.

Watch the video of the intoxicated Icelandair passenger restrained in his seat: