‘Gold Rush’ Update: Todd Hoffman’s Crew Fights, Parker Schnabel Cancels Day Off And Tony Shuts Down Monica

In the episode titled 'Broken,' the frustrated Hoffman crew turns on Juan, as the other two crews find success.

In the episode titled 'Broken,' the frustrated Hoffman crew turns on Juan, as the other two crews find success.

Working on Todd Hoffman’s crew often means that you could become the dreaded scapegoat, as crew member Juan is quickly learning during Season 8 of Gold Rush. Meanwhile, Parker Schnabel’s crew is getting closer to achieving their astounding 5,000-ounce goal, yet is Parker pushing them too hard to get every last nugget? And on the Beets crew, Tony shuts down Monica but finds that it may have been done prematurely. What did Tony uncover? All of this and more on the latest Gold Rush episode titled “Broken.”

The Hoffman crew is still working on their new cut. Trey Poulson needs Juan and quick! The thumb of the bucket jammed up when he was clearing the ground of the new cut.

Juan’s radio is off, creating frustration with the crew who put the blame on him. Turns out, Juan has his hands full trying to attach the chute to the new trommel. Adding to his frustration, Juan had measured wrong and the chute is too small, causing Hunter Hoffman to bicker with him.

Trey joins in and verbally attacks Juan. Fans of Gold Rush will never forget it was Trey who “disrespected” Dave Turin last season. The Inquisitr reported that this led to the memorable fight between the two men. In the end, Trey stayed on with the Hoffman crew, while Dave Turin is now on his own and mining in Nevada. Maybe Todd chose the wrong man?

Juan stops what he is doing and fixes Trey’s problem, and Trey briefly goes back to work. Soon, Trey starts to slur his words and gets all sweaty; the crew is concerned that he is having a stroke or a heart attack. He is forced to take a day off to give his body some much needed rest.

While Trey is recovering, Juan gets the chute fixed and the team is back in action! Trey apologizes to Juan, although Hunter says no such words of apology despite the team needing to deal with his many screw-ups, including a $30,000 fine in the previous weeks.

The team now gathers around the campfire as Jack brings out the gold. Monster Red came in at 39.85 ounces, Rusty Red 76.15 ounces and Holy Roller 24.4 ounces of gold, giving the Hoffman crew a 140.4 ounce total for the week.

Now it’s time to move Sluicifer, and Parker Schnabel gives his hardworking team four days to accomplish this big job. They need to strip the new site called New Cut, dig a tailings pond and lastly, build a wash plant pad in order to move forward.

Yet, according to Monsters and Critics, when Parker and Rick dig the tailings pond, Parker discovers that this is virgin ground.

“It looks like pay!”

When the ground is tested, Parker finds gold. Rick is impressed with the irony of the entire situation.

“We started out digging a hole for tailings, and we ended up with a cut.”

Parker is on a tight schedule, with seven weeks left in the mining season. As exciting as this unexpected gold discovery is, the team is going to lose that long anticipated day off in order to mine this extra bit. He admits that he “hopes this pays off.”

Brennan, in particular, is angry as he clearly was looking forward to a day to recoup and recover.

“God…it’s f****** insane that we got all this work to do all the time…and we’re all tired. We really enjoy our days off to get a little bit of sleep and rest for…you know… it’s been a long five months so far.”

Next, Parker precariously moves Sluicifer one mile to the New Cut, giving Gold Rush fans more exciting shots of heavy equipment moving over impossible terrain. Despite the extra work, the tired team managed to build the wash plant pad.

The tally this week is Big Red weighed in at 97.8 ounces, while Sluicifer comes up with 327.4 ounces. The season total is 4,276 ounces. They are just over 700 ounces away from their seemingly impossible goal. They can sleep later; they are on the gold!

Monica Beets is out of gold and Tony shuts her down. He is ready to move her and her all-female team to a different cut, but he notices his favorite child failed to get down to bedrock. So, Tony moves Monica’s team back to her old cut.

Now, Monica has equipment issues as the skirt on the belt is ripped because the conveyor was jammed up with excess organic material. Now, everyone stops what they are doing and joins in to shovel to get things moving again.

Tony Beets has to be happy with this week’s tally. Kevin’s gold total weighs in at 97.58 ounces, while Monica comes up with 180.6 ounces. This gives the Beets crew over 2,500 ounces of gold so far this season. This Gold Rush team is happy!