Ashley Graham Challenges Cosmetics Companies To Add More Curves To Their Ads

Jared SiskinGetty Images

Supermodel Ashley Graham is speaking out for plus-size models again, hoping to convince the manufacturers of beauty products to feature curvy women in more of their marketing campaigns. While Graham isn’t the only voice for promoting broader acceptance of diverse body images, her successes as a plus-size model and fashion designer lend weight to her words. Acknowledging that all women use beauty products, Ashley hopes to see women of every body style represented in future marketing campaigns.

“The New Face of Revlon” Calls for Marketing Changes

As Fox News reports, Ashley Graham, who is currently working on a new campaign for Revlon, is challenging the manufacturers of beauty products to bring in more curvy models on their advertising campaigns. She says she feels as though cosmetics companies are dropping the ball in not recognizing that curvy women are some of their biggest customers. Recollecting her own childhood, Graham noted that, because she could never find flattering clothes, she relied on accessories and cosmetics to achieve a more attractive look.

Graham goes on to explain that make-up ads, especially those of past decades, either featured a big Hollywood celebrity or a thin model. She says being inundated with that kind of imagery affected her perception of beauty and caused her to be overly critical of her own body image.

“Why have there been so few curvy models in national and worldwide beauty campaigns up until this point,” asks Ms. Graham.

Now, Ashley is challenging cosmetics companies to bring in more curvy models. She hopes things will change and the cosmetics industry will take the lead in redefining beauty standards that are more accepting of all women. The model says she believes that featuring more relatable models will help brands sell more products.

Ashley Graham Says #metoo is Affecting Body Image Standards

As a model and celebrity, Ashley told Elle that she’s happy to see the #metoo movement taking off and helping women achieve better treatment. In addition to making men more aware of how they relate to women, Graham adds that the movement is helping women understand that they do have power over their own bodies.

“I think we’re on a really great track right now. People are standing up and talking about the issues happening in their industries,” said Graham.

Ashley also shared a collage of images from her first Revlon photoshoot on Instagram. The model expressed her excitement at being chosen for the campaign, because it gives her an opportunity to spread her message of body image diversity and acceptance. She said she hopes today’s young girls will admire her and use her as a role model. Ms. Graham thinks it’s important for younger generations to see real women with insecurities and imperfect figures, because it will help them become stronger and more secure.

“That’s what’s really most important – that young women and men see someone who looks like them so they can know that they too are beautiful so they don’t have the same issues [with seeing diversity] I had growing up,” Ashley added.