‘Honey Boo Boo’ News: Jennifer Isn’t Convinced Honey Boo Boo Is Sugar Bear’s Daughter

Honey Boo Boo is doing great, but she hasn’t had a relationship with her dad Sugar Bear for a while. In Touch Weekly shared that his new wife Jennifer isn’t actually convinced that Alana Thompson is his daughter. She wants to make sure that this is his daughter before they start fighting in court and have to pay child support on her. Last week, she made it clear that they are not spending their honeymoon money on child support.

Jennifer and Sugar Bear met with a lawyer to talk about custody of Alana. He knows that if he wants to see her, he is going to need a lawyer and have to fight Mama June. Jennifer says she will love his child like her own, but she also mentions that the lawyer asked if a DNA test was ever done. Now she can’t stop thinking about it and feels like it is a good idea to get one.

Jennifer is seen explaining that she wants to be a great stepmom to Alana because she had an evil one growing up. She is afraid that Alana might not be Mike’s daughter even though Mike really does love her. She thinks June will make it “impossible.” They are going to have to fight to be able to get custody of Alana or any kind of visitation at all.

Now, the preview doesn’t show Jennifer talking to Mike about it. He may not be okay with the idea of a DNA test being done and proving that she is his daughter. Jennifer wants to make sure that she belongs to Mike before they pay child support. She says that he was working a lot of night shifts when June got pregnant with Alana. These two don’t get along now, but they seemed to be getting along great back then when she got pregnant with her daughter.

You will get to see this go down tonight on Mama June: From Not to Hot, but you won’t find out the answer right away to whether Sugar Bear really is her dad. You know this accusation is going to upset June and she won’t be very happy about Jennifer even saying this at all.