Kody Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Gives Mykelti Blessing Before Her Wedding In New Clip

Ethan Miller Getty Images

It is almost time for Mykelti Brown’s wedding on Sister Wives. The wedding happened about a year ago, but the fans are just now getting to see it on television. People shared that this week, on a new episode, Kody will give his daughter, Mykelti, a blessing for her wedding. Kody actually was the one who officiated the wedding of his daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, but Mykelti chose someone else to do her wedding. Kody didn’t care and was just excited for the day.

Just one day before the wedding, Kody wanted to give a blessing to his daughter and her husband-to-be. Kody explained that his baby girl was getting married. This is the second of his daughters to get married. Kody explained to them that the wedding was going to be great and that even if something went wrong, there is nothing to worry about because sometimes it just happens.

“[Your] wedding’s gonna come together, you guys are gonna do your ‘I Dos’ without a hitch, and even if you have a hitch, if the cake falls over, if drunk cousins come, nothing’s gonna ruin this day for you guys if you two stay connected in each other’s eyes.”

At the wedding, they had over 400 guests. It was a bit chilly, but things went off pretty well. Mykelti showed on the preview that she was determined to have her outdoor wedding and she would be doing it no matter what the weather did on her big day. In pictures, you can see that they were outside and that part of the time she wore Tony’s jacket. Brown actually shared that she wasn’t even nervous about marrying Tony and just couldn’t wait to wake up with him every single day.

Mykelti Brown Pardo got married over a year ago, but there are two more Brown weddings coming soon. Logan Brown and Aspyn Brown are both engaged. These weddings both could end up coming soon. The fans would love to get to see them. So far, Maddie Brown Brush is the only one of the children in the Brown family who has a child.

Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives when they air on Sunday nights on TLC. This weekend looks like it is finally time for Mykelti Brown’s big day. Everyone has been waiting a while to see her big day.