Carrie Underwood Has More Good News, Fans Still Waiting On First Face Photo

Carrie Underwood shared some exciting news about her new hit song, "The Champion," on Thursday, January 25. The country star's single was released earlier this month as a hype song for the NFL. It has been featured in several commercials leading up to the Super Bowl, but now fans have learned that Underwood's tune is also going to be used on NBC to promote the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Underwood shared the news by re-posting a video clip that was originally uploaded to Sunday Night Football's Instagram account. Within minutes, hundreds of fans liked the post, many commenting about how much they love the song.

If you take some time to sift through the hundreds of comments left on Underwood's most recent post, you will read quite a few uplifting words of encouragement for the American Idol winner. In fact, at least one Instagram user said that "The Champion" could be Underwood's new theme song, due to some recent happenings in her personal life.

You've probably heard that Underwood fell on the stairs outside of her home back in November. She injured her wrist and suffered a gash on her face that required 50 stitches. Underwood also needed to undergo surgery following the accident. It has taken her a while to recover, which has caused some concern amongst her fans.

Underwood has previously said that she is not feeling ready to show her face again following the accident and has warned fans that she might look a little "different" when she returns to the spotlight. Since she posted that message, all eyes have been glued to her social media pages in hopes that she releases photos of herself soon. And while many fans seem anxious about Underwood's return, they have been nothing short of supportive over the past few weeks, with several continuously encouraging her to resume her normal routine because they feel that she is beautiful both inside and out, and nothing is going to change that. The comments on her latest post also reflect these feelings.

Even still, Underwood has been very cautious about allowing herself to be seen. She has been focused on promoting her song and giving herself enough time to completely heal.