Siggy Flicker Can’t Let Go Of The Hitler Comment Even Though Others Don’t See Her Point

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Siggy Flicker was furious and angry after her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star, Margaret Josephs, used an analogy to reveal whether Kim D. was a good person. Kim was hosting a fashion show and was planning on giving the proceeds to mothers, who had lost their sons in a tragedy in New Jersey last year. However, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga didn’t understand why Siggy would still attend the show, as Kim had been horrible to them in the past. Flicker didn’t understand it, but Margaret said that Kim was like Hitler. Just because she was nice to some people didn’t mean she was a good person.

Siggy was furious and it sounds like she can’t let it go. Even though it was months ago, Siggy is still talking about it on social media. It’s clear that she wants everyone to hate Margaret for saying what she did, even though many people have revealed that it was just an analogy and not offensive at all. Even Flicker’s own father said she overreacted. According to a new tweet, Siggy Flicker can’t let it go and she’s now pointing to education. She doesn’t think Margaret has the proper education, as she would never talk about Hitler if she was properly educated.

All I have to say about tonight s episode is that...I JUST LOVE AND ADORE MY FATHER!!! He told me to STAY AWAY from M & I did just that. Once again Danielle was completely out of line & in my opinion, trying to stir the pot when she tried to drag me across the room to meet M senior at the Gorga’s Pizzeria! Why would I want to meet her in the 1st place? Anyway here is the full advice my father gave me & he was spot on! When Margaret mentioned Hitler in the middle of a conversation that was far removed from anything having to do with him, it was solely for one purpose — to get you upset. If the conversation had to do with World War II, with the Holocaust, and with the Nazis — then it would have made sense to mention this person, surely history’s greatest criminals. But the mention of his name in a conversation about a fund-raising activity for a distraught family, was completely out of place. The whole intention was to get you upset. She is not an historian that one may have a conversation about Hitler and the Nazis. She had her eyes set on you and was looking for a way to get you started. As to whether she’s an anti-Semite or not. Perhaps she is, and perhaps not. One thing is certain; she is abrasive and spiteful; otherwise, she would not have mentioned his name in a conversation totally divorced from him, and to a person who happens to be Jewish — and she knew it. She was out to get you. So, the smart thing to do is to avoid that woman altogether, other than a polite, “hello, how are you, and have a good day.” Nothing more. Be nice, curt, polite — and don’t get involved in any discussion with her — not about the weather, not about the price of rice in China, not about politics; briefly, not about any subject. This, so as to avoid any repeat attempt by her to get you emotionally upset. She has a way of doing this — probably with other persons as well. Dr. Mordecai Paldiel

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“Education is key here! Hitler is not an analogy. It is an abomination. Referencing the man who tried to kill my father & his family was deliberate and premeditated. Educating people to recognize the subtleties of antisemitism is critical to an advanced society,” Siggy Flicker explained on Twitter, continuing to talk about this tender issue.

Perhaps it was the Hitler comment and the lack of support she got that resulted in her decision to leave the show behind. She’s clearly upset about everything that happened on The Real Housewives of New Jersey this past year and she doesn’t want to deal with the drama. It’s clear that she and Margaret will never be friends, even though Josephs apologized because the comment was hurtful. When Siggy received the apology she had asked for, she merely shut down and seemed cold. Viewers were angry with her decision to shut down as she didn’t take the high road. Siggy couldn’t move on from the drama with Margaret and it quickly became a personal battle between them.

Siggy Flicker can’t stop talking about leaving the show on social media. She’s clearly happy about leaving, as she has revealed that her life is more precious than being exposed to mean people, and she’s worth more than petty reality television drama.