Wendy Williams Breaks Down In Tears During Live TV Interview [Video]

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Wendy Williams broke down in tears and cried on live TV this week while discussing motherhood with actress and former Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke-Charvet. Williams became visibly emotional as the two chatted on The Wendy Williams Show this week, crying as Brooke spoke about her children leaving home.

Williams broke down crying as Burke-Charvet spoke about letting go of her kids, as she told the TV host that the thought of her eldest child, 17-year-old Neriah Fisher, leaving home for college soon was “devastating” to her.

“It’s like, we grow them, we raise them, we love them, we guide them, we try to teach them and then we just have to sort of set them free,” Brooke continued on the show, adding that she was “trying to find that fine line between what’s too close and what’s too far away.”

That’s when Wendy, who is mom to 17-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr., became visibly emotional as she told Burke-Charvet, “when your last one leaves, that’s when you’re really going to cry.”

Brooke, who has four children, then told the mom of one that “I’ll be feeling like you must be feeling right now,” pointing out that the talk show host had tears in her eyes before she then really began crying about the thought of Kevin Jr. leaving home.

Through tears, she then joked that she was actually ready to see her son go as she fanned her face to fight back the tears.

“On the one hand [I’ll miss him], but on the other hand, go!” Wendy joked of her son heading to college.

Williams then continued crying as Brooke spoke further about motherhood, reaching for a tissue as she dabbed her eyes before then moving the conversation along from talking about their kids.

But while Wendy was clearly emotional on her show this week, this isn’t the first time the star has broken down in tears over her son on The Wendy Williams Show.

Back in 2014, Williams cried over Kevin Jr. as she told the audience that her son, who was 13-years-old at the time, “doesn’t like” her.

Breaking down crying on the daytime talk show, Wendy said (via the Daily Mail), “What I discovered this weekend is that my son doesn’t like me anymore.”

Williams bawled on the talk show at the time, revealing that Kevin was spending more and more time with his father, Kevin Hunter Sr., which left her feeling pretty left out.

“He’s all into his father, you know how 13-year-old’s are, I was the same way when I was 13, but it is breaking my heart,” Wendy said of her relationship with her son through tears four years ago.

Wendy Williams broke down crying over son Kevin on 'The Wendy Williams Show'
Wendy and Kevin Jr. in 2010Featured image credit: Jason KempinGetty Images

Notably, Williams’ family drama has been the topic of much speculation over the past few months.

It was back in September that the Daily Mail published a bombshell report claiming that Kevin Sr. had supposedly been having an affair with a family friend for the past decade.

Wendy vehemently denied the claims on her show, though after she fainted on her Halloween episode a few weeks later, Entertainment Tonight reported that staff at The Wendy Williams Show were allegedly growing increasingly worried about her health and felt that her supposed family drama was to blame.