‘Counting On’ Fans Claim Josiah Duggar Is Gay, Despite His Official Courtship With Lauren Swanson

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Counting On star Josiah Duggar recently announced his courtship with Lauren Swanson, but the news hasn’t squashed the rumor that Duggar could be gay. As Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar officially confirmed their son’s relationship, a Duggar family church group is addressing the question of Josiah’s sexuality, and what they said may surprise fans.

Josiah Is Not The First Duggar To Have Their Sexuality Questioned

According to Blasting News, people have been predicting for years that one of the Duggar kids would be gay, it’s simply a matter of statistics. Some have argued that it could be the oldest daughter, Jana, simply because she is still single at 28. Other gossip has targeted Josh, the oldest sibling in the family, especially after his molestation and cheating scandal.

Now the focus is on Josiah, because of some of his behavior on the show. It really isn’t fair to make assumptions about someone’s sexuality based on something they say, do, or wear on television. However, this is the reality of the world we live in, and the rumors will continue to fly.

Behind The Rumors Surrounding Josiah

Critics and fans have wondered about the 21-year-old’s sexual preference because he is known to wear pastel colors and he attended an Institute for Basic Life Principles (IBLP) cadet training program.

IBLP is a Duggar family church group, and part of it is the Air Land Emergency Resource Team (ALERT), which is a military-style boot camp and flight training program that teaches participants how to live the fundamentalist right-wing Christian lifestyle. Some fans believe Josiah’s participation in the camp means he is part of the LGBT community because they believe the program helps parents whose children have come out as gay.

Josiah and Lauren are courting!! •link in the bio•

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The Duggar fan site Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray is discouraging the speculation of Josiah’s – or any other Duggar’s – sexuality, because rumors aren’t facts, and just because a lot of people say it doesn’t make it true.

This is the same site that went after Derick Dillard when he attacked transgender teen Jazz Jennings on Twitter, so we know it’s not just a fan site that defends everything the family does. Ultimately, someone’s sexual preference is their business, and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else.

However, in a family that preaches a traditional, conservative, and fundamentalist lifestyle, any suspected behavior outside of that strict moral code will spark rumors.

Josiah And Lauren Are Already Traveling Together

Josiah Duggar and his new 18-year-old girlfriend have been sharing photos on social media of their trip to Australia and New Zealand. The couple is accompanying his family on a speaking tour throughout the two countries.

They say that they are spending time getting to know each other, but they continue to put God first and themselves second.

New episodes of Counting On premiere next month on TLC.