Jeremy Vuolo Wants To Take Pregnant Jinger Duggar To Dodgy Restaurant For Next Date

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Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo announced that they are expecting their first baby this month. Unlike other Duggar couples, Jinger and Jeremy did not get pregnant right after their wedding, instead choosing to spend a full year enjoying their time as newlyweds. However, it looks like Jinger being pregnant will not stop them from going on dates and spending sweet time as a couple.

The 30-year-old pastor of Grace Community Church Laredo is always on a lookout for spots for his next date with his wife. He is often seen eating out at choice restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine. The fact that he lives in Texas, there does not seem to be a shortage of eateries that he can take Jinger.

However, the latest spot that he found, with the help of his friend, seems to have made the fans worry. He posted a picture of a restaurant that his found took him to, saying that it was one of the best meals he has had in Laredo. With no sign, bars guarding the front door and dodgy neighborhood, the fans started to wonder if this is a safe place for a pregnant lady to frequent.

A fan asked, “Licensed and inspected food establishment?”

“Looks like a place the cartel would use to launder money,” another commented.

“Those bars are to keep the bad guys out,” a fan wrote. “Not the safest area in Texas.”

Others were quick to defend that some of these places are a haven for food enthusiasts.

“The holes in the walls are often the best-kept secrets of foodies,” a fan wrote.

“Many years ago in Houston, there was a real dive joint that looked really questionable but the food was amazing,” another chimed in.

Now that Jinger is 15 weeks pregnant, she is bound to have some cravings that her husband would have to fulfill. But even before she conceived her first child, Jeremy made sure to treat her to all kinds of cuisines. They have eaten cult-favorite fast food and tasted gourmet coffees, from east to all the way to west coast.

“What’ll ya have?”

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Enjoying some excellent LA coffee with mi amor

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Jeremy also has taken his wife on surprise dates, in which he planned every step of the evening, from flowers to the menu.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are back at home after spending a few days in Georgia for a Bible conference.