Melania Trump’s Mysterious Behavior Plays Out As She Quietly Takes On Donald Trump, Suggests New Report

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Melania Trump is described in many ways today from “glamorous” to “rather boring,” but no matter what is said about the first lady, she reportedly keeps going forward at her own steady pace. She’s been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy, who she once called a very “traditional first lady” with a style she would like to mirror if she ever found herself in Jackie’s place as the nation’s first lady, according to E! News.

Once becoming a member of the Trump family she’s been a “fiercely private public figure,” which became even more apparent after the birth of her son Barron. E! News suggests that Melania “carefully manages her image,” making sure “not to go against the family grain.”

The accusations running rampant in the headlines about Donald Trump and the adult film star Stormy Daniels is not a topic Melania has commented on publicly. McClean’s suggests that Melania did offer comments, but not in words. Her comments were strictly left to actions — the actions of a “lonely one-woman resistance.”

The New York Times goes in the same direction, calling the recent behaviors seen from Melania Trump as a type of a “quiet radicalism.” Much like a few other media sources today, Melania’s cancellation of the trip to Davos is seen as something more than the excuse that was offered on her behalf.

McClean’s suggests that Melania will “signal with actions, what she won’t say with words” and her recent actions of bowing out of the trip to Davos would be an example of this. Melania shows “that she shares the world’s distaste for the man she wed,” writes McClean’s. Her recent resistance reportedly started with the picture she posted to celebrate their first year in the White House.

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Her first-year celebration post, seen below, didn’t have a hint of Donald Trump in it and the picture she embedded was of her on the arm of a young military officer, not with her husband. Then when she canceled the trip to Davos, giving the excuse of “scheduling and logistical issues,” this is reportedly seen as another bit of resistance on her part. The “scheduling and logistical issues” were an “excuse no one bought,” suggests McClean’s.

It was back in 2015 when Melania sat down for an interview with Barbara Walters and she offered up some clues into the inner workings of her marriage. What Melania said back then might help explain the mystery seen around Melania’s behavior when it comes to her seemingly unwavering support for her husband, according to reports.

According to E News, Melania told Walters that her husband “was known as kind of a ladies man.” Even the first time that Melania met Trump, he was on a date with another woman, but still asked her for her phone number. Then Walters asked Melania if she ever worried about the marriage working out.

Melania seemed to offer up an understanding that she has of the man she married. She told Walters,

“To be with a man as my husband is, you need to know who you are,” she said. “You need to have a very independent life as well. And supporting him, you need to be very smart and quick and be there for him when he needs you.”

E! News suggests that nothing has changed since the day Melania summed up her marriage during that interview with Walters.