WWE News: XFL 2020 Brings WWE Superstars’ Reactions On Twitter


The return of the XFL in 2020 has a lot of people talking, including WWE stars. Thursday’s big sports league announcement from WWE’s Vince McMahon caused plenty of buzz online. That included sports fans as well as McMahon’s employees at the WWE. Among those giving their thoughts on social media were main roster superstars such as Nia Jax, Rusev, and Goldust, and NXT superstars, including Peyton Royce, No Way Jose, and more. There were also a few on-air personalities who gave their thoughts on the returning XFL.

On Thursday, WWE.com reported that the XFL is coming back in 2020. Vince McMahon’s next attempt at making the XFL a serious competitor to the NFL and a success has drawn rave reviews from most of his employees at WWE. That included a tweet from longtime ring announcer Lillian Garcia, who seemed excited about the big announcement. Garcia mentioned that #XFL2020 and Vince McMahon were among the trending topics on Twitter worldwide.

Wrestling stars from the various rosters also tweeted out their thoughts. In particular, Nia Jax, who is among the competitors in Sunday’s historic Royal Rumble 2018 match for the women’s superstars, has already started to come up with potential names for herself if she joins the league. Jax seems to be looking to gain some recognition like the former XFL player Rod Smart, who was referred to by “He Hate Me” on his jersey.

Nia, who also stars on the E! reality television series Total Divas, tweeted that she has a few years to prepare, and came up with some ideas for her XFL jersey. So far, there has been no announcement made that there will be a “women’s revolution” in the XFL, but Vince McMahon specified during his live stream that WWE talent wouldn’t be crossing over into the XFL. Sorry, Nia.

While every day is “Rusev Day,” today was all about the announcement of the XFL, so some might call it “XFL 2020 Day.” However, Rusev had an interesting take on his participation in the new league.

Others who sent out Twitter comments included No Way Jose, Peyton Royce, and Tye Dillinger, each of whom used the #XFL2020 hashtag with their tweets. Several of those superstars could end up in this Sunday’s Royal Rumble matches.

There were also a few non-wrestling personalities involved with WWE who have been tweeting about the return of the XFL. Radio personality Sam Roberts, who has been on WWE programming as a co-host, tweeted out that he felt Vince may get it right this second time.

Radio host Peter Rosenberg, who also has worked as a host or co-host on various WWE Network programming, also chimed in offering his praise for Vince McMahon.

There are just a few years for the newly-imagined football league to come to fruition. As more details arrive, including prospective team locations or logos, players, and rules, it’s possible the league will bring even more anticipation for its arrival.