‘Timeless’ Season 2 Premiere Date Has Been Announced By NBC

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Timeless fans no longer have to wait any longer: Timeless Season 2 is premiering on Sunday, March 11, on NBC.

Fans of the time travel drama can expect more adventures with soldier Wyatt (Matt Later), history professor Lucy (Abigail Spencer), and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) the scientist, as they try to stop the mysterious and dangerous entity called Rittenhouse.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Season 2 will continue to focus on preventing the “destruction of the world as we know it.” Some of the years they will transport to include 1692, 1917, 1941, 1981, and more.

This season, the team of intrepid time travelers will encounter such historical figures as Marie Curie, William Randolph Hearst, and Hedy Lamarr. The team will also have an “unlikely ally” who helps them try to stop Rittenhouse.

Some teasers include Emma Whitemore’s surprise alliance with Rittenhouse. According to the Christian Post, Emma will be working with Carol (Susanna Thompson) in a time travel escapade back to WWI.

Viewers were shocked at the twist at the end of Season 1 when it was discovered that Emma was in cahoots with Rittenhouse all along. Now, the publication hints that perhaps she is only playing nice with Rittenhouse to eventually use the time machine for her “own selfish needs.”

The new season will bring a new reoccurring character named Nicholas Keynes (Michael Rady). According to Popsugar, he is an American soldier that is cared for by Emma and Carol.

Perhaps the biggest change is going to be in Lucy Preston’s character. Abigail Spencer, the actress who portrays the scholarly professor, explained to Entertainment Weekly that her character is going to have to “deal with the fact that her mom is a super baddie.”

Lucy will no longer be in awe of the time machine and meeting famous people they encounter in their time travels. She will go from being “reactive” to “proactive.” Lucy is going to “make things happen.”

She went on to say that they will be going “deeper into history.” Spencer promises that there is going to be “more of what you loved” about the first season, as well as some “really cool shifts.”

There is no word on whether there will be a romance between Lucy and Wyatt. There appeared to be sparks at the end of last season, but all was forgotten when Lucy discovered who her mother really was.

Timeless was officially canceled last spring, but because of the vocal fan response, NBC decided to undo the cancel, thrilling the loyal fan following.

One big change to the NBC show that viewers may not notice is that they are now filming in Los Angeles, after filming in Vancouver during Season 1.

The first episode of Timeless Season 2 is entitled “The War to End All Wars,” which will air March 11.