‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14B Spoilers: Kim Raver Returns As Teddy, Will Owen Leave Grey Sloan With Her?

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Teddy will return in Season 14 to settle some unfinished business with Owen (Kevin McKidd). Grey’s Anatomy spoilers tease that Kim Raver, who plays Teddy, will reprise her role in a multiple-episode arc in the coming weeks. She will return sometime in the Spring, and not every character will be happy to see her back.

Last season, Teddy came to Grey Sloan to support Owen after his sister Megan was found after nearly a decade of being presumed dead. Teddy and Owen shared a kiss, but it didn’t go any further than that. However, Teddy has made it no secret that she would like a relationship with Dr. Hunt. With Owen’s marriage to Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) over, will Owen want to be with Teddy?

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers reveal that something will happen between Owen and Teddy, but the co-showrunner, Krista Vernoff isn’t saying what. She is staying tight-lipped about her plans, which has caused fans to go into panic-mode.

Apparently, many Grey’s Anatomy fans believe that Teddy is returning to take Owen away. There hasn’t been any indication that Kevin McKidd is planning on leaving the show. However, there was no clue that Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) was leaving either. It has the viewers feeling conflicted about Teddy’s return.

Is Kevin McKidd leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'?
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Teddy’s relationship with Owen is complicated. When Owen first brought Teddy to Grey Sloan, she admitted that she had feelings for him. However, he was dating Cristina (Sandra Oh) at the time, and Teddy was involved with Mark Sloan (Eric Dane). After a hospital shooting, Owen confessed that he wanted to be with Cristina, not Teddy. Even though they may or may not have feelings for each other, they stayed close friends.

According to TV Line, they chatted with Raver a few months ago about the possibility of returning to Grey’s Anatomy as a series regular. At the time, she was open to the idea and revealed that she loves working with the Grey’s cast and Shonda Rhimes.

Since then, Kim Raver has picked up a recurring role on ABC’s drama Designated Survivor. It seems unlikely that Raver will return to Grey’s Anatomy as a series regular, which is why many fans believe her appearance will take Dr. Owen Hunt away from Grey’s.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday evenings on ABC.