Lisa Vanderpump Wants Dorit Kemsley To Take Accountability For Her Behavior On 'RHOBH' Season 8

Lisa Vanderpump spoke out about her co-star, Dorit Kemsley, during a new interview after her co-star, who is currently in her sophomore season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, exhibited some odd behavior on the show.

After Dorit Kemsley was caught complaining about the makeup and hair services provided for her shoot with Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, on which Lisa Vanderpump serves as the editor-in-chief, and calling Camille Grammer a "stupid c**t," her co-star is hoping she will learn to take accountability for her on-camera actions.

"Yyou've got to really take responsibility for what you say in a reality show," Lisa Vanderpump explained to Megan Segura and Rachael Roberts on The Daily Dish Podcast.

Although Dorit Kemsley claimed her "stupid c**t" comment to Camille Grammer was nothing more than a silly comment, Grammer was highly offended by her outburst and Lisa Vanderpump found the statement to be inappropriate. As Vanderpump explained to Meghan Segura and Rachael Roberts earlier this week, no one should think that can call someone a "c**t" and get away with it.

Continuing on about Dorit Kemsley's inappropriate banter during Kyle Richards' dinner party, Lisa Vanderpump said that she tried to put a stop to Kemsley's odd antics and even put a napkin over her mouth. That said, after giving her signals she hoped would cue Kemsley to put a lid on it, Vanderpump decided Kemsley was on her own.

Camille Grammer has spoken out about the incident as well and recently on Twitter, she confirmed to her fans and followers that Dorit Kemsley's verbal attack against her during Kyle Richards' party was completely unprovoked.

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Lisa Vanderpump was the one who reportedly introduced Dorit Kemsley to the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ahead of Season 7 However, when it comes to their friendship, it is hard to say how close they actually are, especially after the latest events of Season 8.

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