‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Star Dakota Johnson’s Famous Dad Is Not On Board With Her Relationship With Chris Martin

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

There’s one person who isn’t a fan of Dakota Johnson’s romance with Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Dakota’s father, Don Johnson, recently joked that her relationship with Martin was “troubling,” but insiders say that he wasn’t kidding around. Does Don want to end things between Dakota and Martin?

Don Is Worried About Dakota’s Romance

An insider told Radar Online that Don has been picking Martin apart since day one. The famous actor and his former wife, Melanie Griffith, are thrilled that Dakota is in a loving relationship, but they both worry that Martin will eventually break her heart. Griffith and Don are extremely protective of the Fifty Shades Freed star and are only looking out for her best interests.

While they haven’t done anything to sabotage the relationship, they fear that the couple is moving way too fast for their own good.

“Dakota’s parents can’t help but worry that Chris is eventually going to leave her with a broken heart,” the insider stated. “Don was a huge player himself when he was younger, and he’s convinced Chris hasn’t gotten that out of his system yet. He says he can tell.”

Are They Moving Too Fast?

Martin broke up with his former wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, four years ago and was rumored to be seeing Annabelle Wallis last year. He started dating Dakota this past October, and their relationship is moving very fast. The insider claims that Dakota has already fallen in love and is looking forward to a bright future with the singer.

Her parents, however, are worried that they are both moving too fast, especially considering how she’s only had two boyfriends. It also doesn’t help that Martin has dated a lot of women and is coming off a divorce.

Don Opens Up About His Daughter’s Romance

Dakota and Martin were recently spotted strolling along a Malibu beach and walking arm-in-arm. The two then caught some dinner at Soho House in Los Angeles and looked very happy together. When asked about his daughter’s intense romance, Don jokingly said that it was troubling.

He quickly added that Dakota is old enough to handle herself and that he isn’t worried about their age difference. Don was clearly sarcastic at first, though the source believes that he actually wasn’t joking.

Dakota Prepares For Release Of Fifty Shades Freed

Dakota has not said anything about her father’s comments. The actress is currently busy promoting Fifty Shades Freed, which is due in theaters in a couple of weeks. This week, Dakota stepped out with Jamie Dornan for a Fifty Shades Freed media conference in Hollywood.

Dakota wore a light blouse for the occasion while her co-star donned a casual white t-shirt and jacket. Despite all the rumors surrounding her romantic life, Dakota looked happier than ever at the event.

The outing comes a few weeks after Dakota walked the red carpet with director Luca Guadagnino at the Golden Globes. Apart from Fifty Shades Freed, Dakota Johnson has two other movies coming out in 2018, Suspiria and A Bigger Splash, and is working on a fourth.

Fifty Shades Freed is scheduled to premiere in early February.