Prince William Reveals Plans To Focus More On Charity When He Becomes King

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Prince William’s turn to be King may still be a few years away but he already has a few ideas on how he’d like to handle the monarchy.

On Tuesday, the second in line to the British throne delivered a heartfelt speech at the Charity Commission’s Annual Public Meeting. During the event, the Duke of Cambridge hinted on his future plans and it sounded promising.

In his speech, Prince William reiterated the importance of charity, adding that society would be an “empty shell” without it. Known for his charitable works, the 35-year-old royal outlined how he envisions the monarchy to be more focused on charity in the future.

The future king promised that he will keep philanthropy and volunteering “at the heart” of the monarchy, adding that he doesn’t want to be a patron of hundreds of charities. Instead, he hopes to see these charities work collaboratively and avoid “competition for funds,” the Daily Mail reported.

Prince William, who set up a Royal Foundation with Prince Harry and Duchess Catherine, pointed out the negative effects of divisive fundraising and territorial behavior of different charities.

“Instead of setting up more individual charities working in the same fields, I wonder if we could do more to explore ways of combining forces, working and innovating together?”

The Duke of Cambridge admitted that such idea may not sit well with others but reiterated that the big shift must take place soon, especially as the challenges of the future begin.

“I believe that this big shift must begin to happen – the sector must be open to collaborate, to share expertise and resources; to focus less on individual interests and more on the benefits that working together will bring. That, I believe, is where the future lies.”

The soon-to-be father of three also paid a touching tribute to his parents and grandparents, who are known for their charitable works as well. According to the prince, his parents taught him “what it meant to have both privilege and responsibilities.”

The Duke of Cambridge reminisced about the times when his mother, the late Princess Diana, took him to a homeless shelter at a young age and explained to him the importance of the people he met there.

He also recalled how his father, Prince Charles, diligently and compassionately answered thousands of letters and read reports that could help the underprivileged.

“Without my realizing it, what my parents were doing was instilling in me and Harry a lifelong habit to put charity at the heart of our lives.”

Aside from his parents, Prince William also credited his grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, for their lifelong commitment to helping those in need.

He described the Duke of Edinburgh as one of the most tireless public servants in the country, who continues to help young people reach their full potentials.

The prince also pointed out that the queen “has never given a Christmas broadcast without paying tribute to charitable organizations, volunteers and people who care for others.”