‘Vikings’ Season 5 Spoilers, Return Date: More Character Deaths, Rollo Back For A Reason

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

Vikings Season 5 midseason finale brought with it two surprising character deaths. What do the remaining episodes of the season hold for its remaining characters? Series creator Michael Hirst shares some exciting news about the History Channel drama, including some answers to some of the viewers’ burning questions.

No character remains safe and untouched when Vikings Season 5 returns on air. This is a hard fact for the drama, as many viewers have already seen characters — major and minor — die in the series. Such was the case when the series aired its midseason finale on History Channel.

Two characters met their end during the Vikings Season 5 finale, Astrid and Halfdan. In an interview with Variety, series creator Michael Hirst explained that he was quite happy with Astrid and Halfdan’s deaths, as theirs were something they had been anticipating.

In the case of Lagertha’s lover, Hirst said that Astrid was already going through a terrible situation and was looking forward to dying. Halfdan already felt that his story is done, so it makes sense to see these two characters leave at the end of Vikings Season 5.

Hirst also warns viewers that while their favorite characters have made it alive through the end of Vikings Season 5, no character remains safe from getting killed off. The series creator shared that there is no character sacred enough to keep alive for the rest of the show’s run on History Channel.

The midseason finale has also seen the return of Clive Standen’s Rollo, but it looks like the character’s return will only be for a short time. Hirst teased that Rollo’s return has a “very particular reason,” which goes back all the way to Vikings‘ first season.

Vikings Season 5 spoilers from the creator also reveal that Alfred will shine by the end of the season and viewers will see his character transition from a weak character to a strong one that will be later known as Alfred the Great. The ascent of Ivar will also be one of the highlights of the back half of Season 5.

All this action is expected to take place when Vikings Season 5 returns on air. Per Carter Matt, the remaining episodes of the show are expected to be aired this summer on History Channel.

Vikings is already filming for Season 6, so a summer return date for Season 5 makes for a good break in between seasons. In the meantime, viewers will have to wait for the show’s return and anticipate which characters might meet their grim end in the remaining episodes.