Amla Oil Could Enhance Hair Health And Boost Hair Growth


A number of people around the world are suffering from hair problems such as hair loss, baldness, dandruff, and hair and scalp infections or dryness, among others. One thing that could help resolve these problems is amla oil that is found to be effective in improving hair health and increasing hair growth.

Amla oil is extracted from the edible amla fruit, which is also known as Indian gooseberry or Malacca tree. It is native to India, but could also grow in some parts of Asia and the Middle East. It is known that amla fruit is rich in vitamin C and contains antioxidants and nutrients. This fruit is made into tonics or oils or could simply be eaten. It is discovered that amla fruit could be used as a therapeutic and preventive medicine, according to Medical News Today.

One of its many benefits is that the amla oil could stimulate hair growth and enhance the hair and scalp health. The oil is used as the main ingredient in some hair care products.

In the 2012 study, it suggested that amla oil could be a powerful inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase, which is an enzyme that converts the testosterone to DHT that causes hair loss in men. By inhibiting this enzyme, it could slow down the production of DHT and inhibit hair loss.

Another study was conducted, in which the scientists examined the ability of amla and other herbal hair oils that could enhance hair health and hair growth in animals such as rabbits and rats. The team put patches with amla oil in the fur of these animals and observed the fur growth in 15 days. The results showed that there was a significant and rapid fur growth among the model animals. In addition, their fur became healthier, according to Healthline.

The other benefits of amla oil include strengthening the scalp and hair, treat dandruff and dry scalp and enhance the overall appearance of hair. It could also prevent or treat fungal and bacterial hair and scalp infections and treat parasitic hair and scalp infections like lice infections.

The amla oil has various concentrations such as less concentrated oils. This is mixed with more water and found to be less strong. It is advisable that when you purchase amla oil, you have to know the concentration. According to some researchers, the ideal concentration of amla oil is about 7.5 percent solution with water. You must also follow the package and do as instructed on how to apply the amla oil on your hair.