Kathie Lee Gifford Is Moving Into Megyn Kelly’s Studio And Tensions Are Allegedly Escalating [Report]

Charles Sykes/InvisionAP Images

Kathie Lee Gifford is reportedly moving into Megyn Kelly’s studio and it’s escalating tensions that have already been brewing. Problems seem to lurk around Megyn and her 9 a.m. hour of the show, most notably her feud with actress, Jane Fonda, this week. Her choice to confront Fonda and drudge up her past as an American traitor when she protested the Vietnam war only enraged a number of journalists, including former Today co-anchor, Ann Curry. Despite the fact Kelly was standing up for herself after an interview that went sour with Fonda, she didn’t find much compassion among colleagues. Now more trouble is supposedly brewing behind-the-scenes, but it’s over something else entirely different.

Radar Online reports that in an effort to run everything more efficiently during the Winter Olympics in South Korea, a few changes on Today need to take place. A source tells the website that Kathie Lee Gifford was told to move across the street into Megyn Kelly’s studio. The plan isn’t going over well with Gifford, the insider claims.

“They will only need to pay for one crew, if they share a studio during the Olympics, but why does Kathie Lee have to move across the street to Megyn instead of the other way around?” the source said.

The insider adds that everyone at the studio is “sick of bending over backwards for Megyn.” Kathie Lee has been with the show longer and there’s harboring resentment that Megyn “is treated as the star.”

“God forbid Megyn should pack up her dressing room and move,” Radar‘s source continued.

Gifford is allegedly “tired” of dealing with Kelly and has even refused to co-host with her while her pal and co-host of Today‘s 10 a.m. hour, Hoda Kotb, is at the Olympics with Savannah Guthrie. The source alleges that it was “suggested” that Megyn Kelly fill in for Hoda alongside Kathie Lee, but that was flatly rejected. Kathie Lee “made it clear” that it wasn’t a good idea and the decision was made to bring on Jenna Bush to fill in for Hoda.

The insider said Gifford is looking forward to one thing about the temporary move into Kelly’s studio — a live audience. While “isn’t expecting a warm welcome,” she’ll enjoy the studio audience environment she had when working with Regis Philbin.

A number of reports almost daily are published claiming tensions are high among the Today co-hosts, but an Us Weekly report denies this is the case among Megyn Kelly, Savannah Guthrie, and Hoda Kotb. A source insists in this week’s issue of the magazine that there aren’t any tensions among the three women and that they’re supportive of each other. Moreover, the source says everyone is “rooting” for her and that Megyn “gets along great” with the entire team of the Today program.