Jack Posobiec’s Wife Comes To His Defense After Alt-Right Leader Accused Of Trying To Cheat On Bumble App

Jack PosobiecTwitter

Jack Posobiec is taking a lot of heat online — but not from his wife.

The Trump-supporting writer, one of the most prominent figures of the alt-right movement, was allegedly caught trying to cheat on his wife by using a dating app called Bumble. Pictures of Posobiec’s dating profile circulated on Wednesday after another user discovered his picture.

The pictures of Posobiec’s alleged profile quickly went viral, leading one Twitter user to reach out to Bumble in order to get the dating app’s response. As Business Insider noted in a profile last year, Bumble is known as a woman-empowering app, allowing men to connect to profiles but only giving women the power to initiate the first contact with a potential match.

According to conversations posted online, Bumble kicked Jack Posobiec off the app after connecting his profile to his controversial statements. Posobiec has been described as a white nationalist, and had gotten into a number of controversies including posting the identity of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s accuser.

Posobiec has also been caught trying to rile up anger against the left. Less than a week after the 2016 election, Posobiec arranged for a provocateur to hold a sign that read “RAPE MELANIA” at an anti-Trump protest event, an effort on the writer’s part to paint protesters as violent anarchists.

Posobiec was also one of the biggest proponents of the conspiracy theory known as Pizzagate, which claimed that Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats were operating a child sex and murder ring out of the basement of a popular Washington, D.C., pizzeria.

The allegations that Jack Posobiec tried to cheat on his wife grew a bit hazy later in the day on Wednesday. A few hours after the Bumble profile pictures circulated online, Posobiec reportedly denied the allegations and said that the profile was a fake. Posobiec noted that he has a “hot Eastern European wife.”

Posobiec later added that he was taking his case to the FBI.

Jack Posobiec’s wife also came to his defense online.

While Jack Posobiec was taking a lot of heat online for allegedly trying to cheat on his wife, there was still no evidence that the profile was legitimate. It is not clear if the pictures used were publicly available before the profile was made, but if they were it would conceivably be easy to make a fake profile in an attempt to smear the alt-right leader, a man already seen as an easy target.