Blake Shelton Has Perfect Country Clap-Back To Miranda Lambert’s Shade, Complete With Music Duet

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert reigned as the country music king and queen for years. Following their divorce several years ago, Shelton found a new love on the stage of The Voice in Gwen Stefani. And while it took her somewhat longer, Lambert discovered a new partner in Anderson East.

But there’s a difference between dating after a divorce and letting go of a former husband. And as Miranda has made clear through her music, she hasn’t quite yet succeeded in forgetting about Blake. In the wake of rumors that Lambert blames Shelton for the painful split, Miranda has repeatedly thrown shade at her ex-husband during concerts, reported Page Six.

Miranda Lambert “Got The Hell” Away From The State Where She Lived With Blake Shelton

In 2017, Miranda got candid during a concert with the crowd about her struggles when she and Shelton split, linking drinking to the divorce. This year, Lambert slammed Blake’s home state of Oklahoma by changing the lyrics to a song. The two also lived there during their four years of married life.

“I got divorced, so I started drinking a little extra….I got the hell out of Oklahoma.”

The crowd caught the shade. One fan even captured the moment on a video camera, making her film public by posting Lambert’s shady song to Twitter.

Who are you going to call if you’re Blake Shelton and want some help in responding to the shade thrown by your ex-wife? Rather than call in the obvious choice, Blake’s current girlfriend Gwen Stefani, Shelton kept it subtle when he was seeking the shade-throwing equivalent of a Ghostbuster.

Blake turned to his old pal, Luke Bryan, for help. Luke has been by Shelton’s side since the immediate aftermath of Blake’s split from Miranda, which occurred at a time when other failed country romances rocked Nashville, such as Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock, reported ET.

Blake Shelton Gets A Little Help From His Country Friend In Shading Miranda Lambert

Bryan shared that he had talked with Shelton after the split. Blake’s friend pointed out that going through a divorce is a “tremendous” challenge for anyone, but going through a breakup in public is even more challenging. Luke was there for Shelton through the breakup aftermath and the years that have passed.

Blake Shelton's days of holding hands and whispering to Miranda Lambert backstage have been exchanged for throwing shade at each other in concert.
Blake Shelton's days of holding hands and whispering to Miranda Lambert backstage have been exchanged for throwing shade at each other in concert.Featured image credit: Chris PizzelloInvision/AP Images

And now, when Blake was hunting for a duet partner to throw shade back at Miranda Lambert, Bryan was there again. With a little help from Luke, Shelton came up with his own version of the beloved country classic, “All My Exes Live in Texas,” reported Wide Open Country.

“Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton put their own spin on ‘All My Exes Live in Texas.'”

The duet from Blake and Bryan served as a surprise performance for those attending the event Crash My Playa. Held from January 18 to January 21, Crash My Playa provides attendees with four days of concerts, beach parties, and drinking. And it conveniently began just as Miranda Lambert was throwing shade at Shelton.

Luke Bryan Dresses Up As Blake Shelton For Their Shade-Throwing Duet

The Riviera Maya, Mexico, gala even included Bryan finding the perfect outfit in which to hop on stage with Shelton. As the two performed their version of a classic George Strait hit, Luke dressed up to resemble Blake in his days of long hair.

For those who couldn’t be there, Bryan’s wife, Caroline, came through. She shared a photo of Luke dressed as Shelton, making the resemblance between Bryan and Blake even more clear with a “sexiest man alive” flotation device.

Caroline explained that Luke had attempted to “capture the vintage Blake look” but joked that her husband looked more like Bryan during their college days. She also came up with “Bluke” (Blake plus Luke) as the perfect name for Bryan dressed like Shelton.

“Blake Bryan. Luke really wanted to capture the vintage Blake look….#1998 #bluke #crashmyplaya.”

While Luke and Blake enjoyed clowning around prior to their duet, the two got serious when it was time to sing. Shelton and his buddy earned praise for their rendition of the Strait song, with some comparing them to the early days of traditional country music in Nashville.