Erykah Badu Defends Both Hitler And Bill Cosby In Recent Interview, Social Media Reacts

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A recent interview with Vulture Magazine has singer Erykah Badu in a lot of hot water.

When she sat down for an interview with Jewish journalist, David Marchese, Erykah was incredibly candid on a lot of issues, on many of which she had an unpopular view. The pair sat down for the tell-all interview at a vegan restaurant in midtown Manhattan as Badu was questioned on a wide variety of topics. But perhaps the most controversial topics that have people raising their eyebrows at the 46-year-old involved two extremely controversial men, Bill Cosby and Adolph Hitler.

It all began when Marchese questioned Badu about a past interview that Erykah had in which she defended Louis Farrakhan, who has notoriously been accused of anti-Semitism. Erykah then went on to say that she does indeed follow Louis Farrakhan because she follows anyone who “has positive aspects.”

Things then took a weird turn when Badu further defended her “humanist” mindset, saying that she sees the good in everyone.

“I see good in everybody. I saw something good in Hitler.”

When questioned, Erykah explains that Hitler was a good painter before getting pushback from Marchese.

“No, he wasn’t! And even if he was, what would his skill as a painter have to do with any “good” in him?” Marchese asked.

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Badu then retracted her previous statement, saying that Hitler was a terrible painter, but said “poor thing, he had a terrible childhood.” The singer said that she could imagine her daughter being in someone else’s home and being treated poorly and having everything else in her life “spawn” out of control.

“I see things like that. I guess it’s just the Pisces in me.”

After she was questioned again about her views on Hitler, Badu admitted that she doesn’t care what other people think, because she knows that her opinion is often unpopular. In another portion of the interview, Badu was questioned about Louis C.K. and Bill Cosby.

“If Bill Cosby is sick, why would I be angry with him? The people who got hurt, I feel so bad for them. I want them to feel better, too. But sick people do evil things; hurt people hurt people.”

As news of Badu’s candid interview and questionable views spread through social media, Erica took it upon herself to post a photo on her Instagram page with a link to the interview with Vulture. In the picture, Badu can be seen posing on a red sofa with her hair down and bright red eyeliner. She captioned the photo by asking her followers to weigh in on the interview.

“When the media try’s to spin ya sh.. Aye, There’s this link in my bio. @vulture mag conversation with badu. By David Marchese. Im open for dialogue here,” she said.

The ent

When the media try’s to spin ya sh.. Aye, There’s this link in my bio. @vulture mag conversation with badu. By David Marchese ♥️♥️. Im open for dialogue here.

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While a number of her followers came to the singer’s defense, telling people to read the whole interview to see the whole picture, an overwhelming number were quick to condemn Badu’s thoughts. Within just four hours of the post, Badu’s photo has received over 37,000 likes as well as over 900 comments.

“You are mad dumb to say that you saw something good in Hitler. Ignorant.”

“I’m unfollowing you,” another said.

The entire interview can be read here.