‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Talks Valentine’s Day, Offers Advice To Fan Going Through Breakup

Amy Roloff/Instagram

If there’s one thing Amy Roloff discovered in the past few years is that going through a breakup or a divorce, in her case, is never easy, yet one’s “second act” is always possible. The Little People, Big World star knew what she was talking about when she offered a piece of advice to a fan who said she was going through a bad breakup.

Roloff first shared her exhilaration for the upcoming Valentine’s Day on social media. The annual Feast of Saint Valentine is still less than three weeks from now, but Amy said she couldn’t hide her excitement.

“I’m already thinking about Valentine’s Day,” Amy said. “I can’t wait to surprise a few special people with sending this big sweet cookie treat.”

Amy said she would be baking something good for all the important people in her life, and she even asked her followers to help her decide what to put on the cookie she’s sending her boyfriend Chris Marek’s way.

“Hmm… what custom note should I put on this cookie for Chris,” Amy asked.

Amy hinted that she’s planning to send a “custom Valentine Cookie Gram” and some of her baked goodies from her Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen business to her special someone as she invited her followers to do the same.

“So fun. I love sending surprises to others.”

A number of followers responded to Amy’s call for help regarding what message she should put on Chris’ cookie surprise.

“I love you with all of my cookie,” suggested one.

“To the sweetest guy I have had the pleasure to call mine,” recommended another follower.

“I smile more because of you,” said one.

“Thanks for not being Matt. Happy Valentine’s Day my love,” said one comment, which garnered mixed reactions from others.

“Will you marry me,” joked another fan, to which Amy simply replied, “LOL.”

One comment caught the attention of Amy and some of her other followers. The person talked about going through a bad breakup and having no date for Valentine’s Day this year.

“Yummy!! Going [through] a bad breakup. No Valentine this year,” said the fan.

Amy responded by saying she was sorry that the follower was going through such rough patch. Amy then offered advice before telling her a little about what she went through after her divorce from Matt.

“I’m so sorry,” Amy said. “I know that must be hard. Hang in there and keep believing in you. I’ve learned to still know how awesome I am but also the mistakes I made. So I can embrace right now and move forward. All the best to you.”

As has been customary with social media posts shared by members of the Roloff family, there were some negative comments. Some fans argued that the price of Amy’s Little Kitchen products were too high, especially with the shipping fee.

“I love Amy and [her] products but I’m not paying that much,” said one person, who said she was charged $54 for the product and $30 for shipping costs.

“Wicked expensive,” said one comment. “No thanks.”

“Why do you charge such ridiculous prices,” asked another. “No places that I have ever ordered from, and I order online a lot, have charges as high as yours. Hope you sell some cookies!”

At least one person commented negatively on her relationship with Chris, saying she couldn’t stand Marek and that she was unfollowing Amy.

Most of the comments, however, celebrated Amy and Chris. Many fans told the Little People, Big World matriarch that Chris is a keeper and that they were happy for them.