‘Monster Hunter: World’ Reveals Day 1 Update Patch Details


Monster Hunter: World is about to enjoy its official release after a period of beta testing, and the video game will get a huge Day 1 release update patch. This update patch will not only fix some problem areas of the game but will also add some fun extras that were not initially in the beta version of Monster Hunter: World. There are no surprises either, as Capcom released the official details of the Day 1 patch on the game’s official website. Some of the changes are just making sure the game runs smoothly for players on the day of release, but some other parts of the patch will add to the enjoyment level of the monster hunting experience.

The Monster Hunter: World Beta Testing

The entire purpose of beta projects is to help fix any problems that might exist in a video game. The company released a number of early beta versions of the game to gamers, and they played it and made suggestions on what worked and what didn’t hold up well under serious gameplay. For a game as massively anticipated as Monster Hunter: World, this is very important to make sure it is ready for the day of release, or else they could lose a number of players and damage word-of-mouth sales numbers.

The Monster Hunter: World Day 1 patch will only take up an additional 815 MB of space. Reportedly, the game before the update took up 13.6 GB of space, so this mandatory update won’t add too much more to that number. Capcom did suggest that anyone pre-ordering the video game digitally should pre-load it to save time on the day of its release to get in faster and play immediately upon its official release.

Featured image credit: Capcom

The Monster Hunter: World Day 1 Patch Repairs

Capcom announced that they added some fixes to Monster Hunter: World that should help gameplay the day it is released. This includes adding additional display languages, which vary based on regions.

For those buying the game in North America and South America, the Brazilian and Portuguese languages were added. In the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Oceana and India, the video game added Arabic, Brazilian, Portuguese, Polish and Russian languages. Finally, in Asia, Korean and traditional Chinese were also added.

As for the bug fixes, most of these were minor fixes that will improve gameplay.

Additions From The Monster Hunter: World Day 1 Update

There are also a number of new items and missions added to Monster Hunter: World in its mandatory Day 1 update patch. There is a new multiplayer feature, new event quests, the addition of chat functionality, and other online features that were not available in the beta version of the video game.

Gamers can now also claim content from their Housekeeper. There is also a gallery mode that will allow gamers to watch cutscenes they have watched in the game up to that point. It is also specially designed so that the player that the individual gamer used will appear in the cutscene.

'Monster Hunter World' Reveals Day 1 Update Patch Details
Featured image credit: Capcom

Finally, the Monster Hunter: World Day 1 release patch will also add Poogies. These appear in the tradeyard in Astera when a gamer reaches a certain level. They can then befriend the Poogie by petting it just right. After this, the player can carry the Poogie with them and earn special rewards for their kindness.

Monster Hunter: World hits the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Jan. 26 and will hit the PC later this year.