WWE Rumors: The Real Reason WWE Chose To Fire Enzo Amore And When They Learned Of Rape Allegations


Earlier this week, Enzo Amore went from being the WWE Cruiserweight Champion to being suspended to being fired, all in a matter of about 24 hours. How did it all happen so quickly? Amore’s suspension and release came about due to rape allegations brought against him by a woman named Philomena Sheahan, but charges have yet to be filed against him. With that being said, the real reason he was let go has now been revealed.

As everyone in the company was preparing for the 25th-anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw, Enzo Amore was scheduled to wrestle Goldust that evening. That afternoon, the allegations of rape brought against him were brought to WWE’s attention, and he was indefinitely suspended.

On Tuesday, the official website of WWE revealed that the company had come to terms on the release of Enzo Amore, whose real name is Eric Arndt.

Many have wondered just how things escalated so quickly in this situation, with Amore going from suspended to fired in such a quick fashion. According to PW Insider, rumors are circulating that there is much more to how WWE found out about the allegations on Monday, and that contributed to the Cruiserweight Champion’s release.

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PW Insider is reporting that the original claims from Sheahan came about back in October of 2017, and WWE was never made aware of them. WWE has a standard policy to indefinitely suspend superstars if they are arrested and bring them back if the charges are dropped, but termination is immediate if convicted.

Sources within WWE have apparently said that they were totally unaware of the rape allegations and investigation being conducted by the Phoenix Police Department in Arizona. Upon finding out about it on Twitter, executives went to Amore, and he denied the allegations were true but admitted to knowing about the investigation.

On top of the rape allegations being a big enough deal on their own, things were made worse by Amore not letting WWE know about the investigation. That led to him being suspended and sent home immediately from the Barclays Center.

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After sending him home, rumor has it that WWE executives were getting angrier over the fact that Amore did not advise them of the situation. With WWE being a publicly traded company aimed at families, and on a night as big as Raw 25, this happened at one of the worst possible times.

Despite charges not being brought against Amore on Tuesday, WWE chose to release him due to him not informing them of the allegations and investigations.

The entire WWE Cruiserweight division had been built around Enzo Amore, and it was aimed at making him and all superstars in it bigger. Yes, he is still going to have to deal with these rape allegations brought against him, but he won’t be doing it as a part of WWE anymore. His suspension came from the allegations, but his firing was a combination of that and the fact that he didn’t inform his employer of the serious accusations brought against him.