Leah Messer Dreading Upcoming ‘Teen Mom 2’ Episode With Her Daughter Addie

Rick DiamondGetty Images for CMT

Leah Messer is currently filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2 and while she can’t provide details about the upcoming season, she did reveal that she filmed something embarrassing. Yesterday, Messer explained that she had been filming with her MTV crew when her daughter Addie may have said or done something. On Twitter, she couldn’t explain the details about the embarrassing event, but it’s clear that Messer isn’t looking forward to seeing it on Teen Mom 2 when the show returns later this year. Of course, Addie has quite the personality, so it’s possible she said something that rattled Leah.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer reveals that she may not watch that episode of Teen Mom 2 but she adds emotions to hint that it is embarrassing rather than sad. When fans asked her what it involved, one person revealed that she hoped it involved Addie because the little girl makes everyone laugh. The fan pointed out that she and her husband always have a good laugh when Adalynn is on the show. Leah explained that it did indeed involve Addie and she added the slang, LOL, which means laughing out loud. It sounds like her daughter may have said or done something that was embarrassing for Leah.

“Oh man, I don’t wanna have to rewatch what we filmed today,” Leah revealed on Twitter yesterday to which fans curiously asked if it involved her daughter Adalynn, to which Leah confirmed, “Addie is involved LOL.”

Perhaps Leah Messer’s daughter asked about how babies are made. Or maybe she went up to a cute guy and told him that she thought he was cute. Maybe she tried to set up her mother. It’s no secret that Addie isn’t ashamed of her actions, including how she loves going to Walmart and looking at nail polishes. When she’s with her father, Jeremy Calvert, he asks her what she wants to do and she says she wants to go to Walmart. It’s interesting that she may have said or done something that was so embarrassing for Leah that she’s already dreading watching the show later this year.

Leah Messer has revealed that she’s filming for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. Leah has asked her fans if they want to see her date some more, so it’s possible that Addie’s comments or behavior could be in relation to her mother’s dating life.