Katie Holmes Keeps Suri At Center Of Her World, Chose Daughter Over Cruise And Scientology

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Katie Holmes is a star who is praised for her ability to endure as a successful actress and take on new challenges, such as directorial roles, while also earning acknowledgment for the manner she continues to raise her adorable daughter, Suri Cruise.

Katie ensures that the 11-year-old remains her number one priority and is seen more and more frequently out enjoying time with her mini-me, who obviously adores her star mother.

The road has, however, not been a smooth one for Katie Holmes, who was reportedly faced with a terrible decision some years back, when the Dawson’s Creek star learned that she might lose her daughter to Tom Cruise and Scientology.

The romance and marriage between Katie and Tom seemed like a fairy tale, but as the years went on, members of the Church of Scientology began to take more control over the lives of the couple and their daughter. As noted by the Daily Mail, information derived from Scientology members indicates that it was when members moved in with the action star and Holmes, the mother of Suri began to fear a reality which was very similar to Nicole Kidman’s.

Kidman was married to Tom for 10 years, yet turned away from the faith, which then led to the star losing contact with her two adopted children, Isabelle and Connor.

“It’s a toxic policy that ruins lives. Katie just didn’t want that to happen so she left,” Ron Miscavige, who wrote a memoir called Ruthless about his son’s involvement in the faith, shared.

Miscavige went on to share how his situation and Katie’s were quite similar.

“The big issue really was raising Suri as a Scientologist. If that happened, some day it was a possibility that she would disconnect from Katie. Ultimately this is what has happened to me.”

Ron also shared that it was when Scientology members from the “Sea Org” moved in, that things really started to not sit well with Holmes and the actress began to plan her exit, along with Suri’s, from Scientology before her daughter was sent to a school for the faith that wound up winning her away from Katie.

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Since her split from Cruise, Holmes has been linked to Jamie Foxx, and the pair has been making things more and more public, as of late. However, it’s clear where Katie’s priorities lie at this point in her life.

She chose Suri over romance once, and a source indicates that the star will make this decision over and over, no matter how much affection she holds for Jamie. US Weekly shares the words of an insider about Katie Holmes and her closeness to her daughter.

“She’s an amazing mom,” says a Holmes insider. “She’ll choose her family over him any day.”