Mario and Luigi on the run after beating up NY cabbie, robbing gold coins

New footage of Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi assaulting a cab driver has sent shockwaves through the Mushroom Kingdom.

Or, to be more accurate (if I must), a pair of scumbags dressed as the Nintendo duo beat up and robbed cash from a 48-year-old taxi driver after an altercation inside the cab. For once, a link between videogames and violent crime that can be proven.

The incident occurred on Hallowe’en night at the Great Kills, NY gas station, and police are now keeping an eye out for the criminals, who escaped on a pair of strategically parked Yoshis.

A third man dressed in a tuxedo is also wanted, though he rather spoils the whole Mario/Luigi angle. So let’s ignore him.

[NY Daily News, via Kotaku]