Kylie Jenner Refused Calvin Klein Partake Amid Pregnancy: How Kim Kardashian Convinced Her Otherwise

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Kylie Jenner did not want to partake in the Calvin Klein ad campaign, leaving sister Kim Kardashian no other choice but to try her best in convincing the reality star that she should do it, according to reports.

Hollywood Life claims that the photo shoot for the apparel line was shot when Kylie had just found out she was pregnant but her baby bump was noticeably showing.

Sources tell the outlet that, at the time, Kylie Jenner was extremely uncomfortable in her own body, which explained why she has been in hiding for the past couple of months.

While she’s starting to feel better in her body now that she’s gearing up for her baby’s birth, the 20-year-old didn’t feel confident enough to take part in a photoshoot where her bump was on full display.

And it doesn’t help that her sisters were sporting very little fabric and plenty of skin, as they promoted the brand’s underwear line.

Insiders tell Hollywood Life that Kim needed to have a serious talk with her sister, assuring her that once Kylie Jenner was to see the photos, she would be glad that she didn’t back out at the very last minute.

Fans instantly noticed that Kylie is covered up in all of the photos, and that was a strategic idea from Kim so that nobody would realize that the socialite was expecting her first child.

The mother of three reportedly told Jenner that she could cover up in other apparel from Calvin Klein, so long as she continued with her obligations to shoot photos for the company’s latest ad campaign, which she ended up doing.

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Supposedly, the decision to do so is something that Kylie Jenner doesn’t regret; she loves how the photos turned out and is pleased that she has the support of her family to help her through difficult times.

As previously mentioned, Kylie is expected to be giving birth in the next couple of weeks, with her current plans being to move her boyfriend, Travis Scott, into her Hidden Hills mansion in the hopes of raising their baby girl as one family.

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Had it not been for Kim, Kylie Jenner would not have taken part in the shoot, the source concludes.