Kim Kardashian Worried Not Connecting With Chicago West After Surrogate ‘KUWTK’ Birth

Kevin MazurGetty Images

Kim Kardashian was concerned that she wouldn’t share a connection with Chicago West right away considering that she had used a surrogate to conceive the child, it has been revealed.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim was anxious meeting Chicago because this had been the first time she has opted for a surrogate to carry her child.

Doctors have previously told the reality star that she would be taking a risk if she was to conceive another child, having had several complications during her time she was pregnant with North and Saint West.

Sources reveal that Kim Kardashian just wanted to be assured that she didn’t feel distant from her daughter upon laying eyes on her, and it turns out that the TV personality had absolutely nothing to worry about.

The insider explains that when Kim Kardashian met Chicago, she was overcome with emotions and instantly felt a connection to her baby — which initially was her biggest worry upon the little girl’s birth.

Kim Kardashian and her daughter have been inseparable since Chicago was welcomed into the world last week, and though friends who have opted to have children through a surrogate had assured her not to worry, the 37-year-old was still anxious.

It’s said, via Hollywood Life, that Chicago shares a close bond with Kim. The socialite is overcome with emotions just knowing that her biggest fear was something that she has just talked herself into.

Currently, there are no plans for Kim and Kanye to show official photos of the baby girl; rumor has it that the couple will save all the details and photographs for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians later this year.

News of Kim Kardashian’s baby arrival comes in the midst of Kylie Jenner preparing to birth her own baby girl in just weeks time, while sister, Khloe Kardashian, is expected to pop sometime in March.

The source concludes by saying that Kim has great energy to take care of Chicago, which would notably be because she didn’t carry her child, but she’s still in contact with the surrogate after having delivered a healthy baby girl into the world.