‘Dragon Ball Super’ Theory Teases Jiren Might Have Been Training Goku & Vegeta

Phát HữuFlickr / Public Domain

Dragon Ball Super is still rolling its ultimate battle royale called Tournament of Power, which pits 80 warriors from eight participating universes against each other in an attempt to survive from the Omni-King’s obliteration. At the World of Void, there are only two universes left in the tournament vying for survival. The last two episodes of the hit anime series have been nerve-wracking as the powerful warriors fight against each other. Gohan has been eliminated in the latest skirmish, but that doesn’t mean Universe 7 is running out of manpower. Goku and Vegeta have been fighting Jiren The Grey of Universe 11, but the latest theory suggests that the muscular humanoid fighter might have been teaching the two powerful Saiyan warriors.

On Reddit, user jl_theprofessor suggested that Jiren chose not to take down Goku and Vegeta just yet in their recent battles on Dragon Ball Super because the strongest Pride Trooper got the chance to be a trainer to the Saiyan fighters. It seems that the U11 warrior has been training both the U7 fighters for even bigger battles to come in the Tournament of Power. Thus, he is trying to take his time in facing off these two powerful Saiyan opponents.

According to the Redditor, Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 could be a proof that Jiren has been teaching both Goku and Vegeta whilst fighting against them in the battle royale. In this episode, fans can recall when the U11 warrior challenged Goku and Vegeta to come at him when the pair powered up. Interestingly, jl_theprofessor suggests that it sounds like the Pride Trooper was acting like an instructor challenging his trainees for a match.

“When [Goku and Vegeta] both power up, [Jiren] tells them to come at him like a knowledgeable instructor who’s waiting to spar with his skilled but unrefined students. And what does he say when he blocks their simultaneous hits that (admittedly) knock him back into a wall? He says, ‘Both of your strikes are sharper.”

The Redditor went on to say that Jiren was there as if to tell his students that their performances have improved. Another Reddit user ItachiTheSoloKing agreed with this theory and said that when Jiren told Vegeta that he can never beat him although the latter’s punches were arrogant, the Pride Trooper wasn’t trying to mock the Saiyan. Instead, he was trying to teach Vegeta.

On the other hand, these are merely theories and remain to be seen on Dragon Ball Super. Fans have yet to witness more fierce battles in the next few episodes.

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power now shrinks down to only six minutes.