January 23, 2018
Le Creuset And Disney Have Partnered Together For Mickey Mouse Cookware [Photos]

Anyone who knows anything about cookware knows that Le Creuset is some of the best around, and their partnership with Disney makes it even more desirable. They have already brought forth the Beauty and the Beast and Snow White collections, but this one is for the head guy himself -- Mickey Mouse. That's right, their latest line is quite elegant and delivers style in a beautiful red color with just the right touch of tri-circle ears here and there.

Prepare for a little of M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E while you cook as the Mickey Mouse collection from Le Creuset is hitting stores on Jan. 23, 2018. The official website of Le Creuset has the new items for all to see, and they are honestly quite amazing.

Everyone loves to get into the kitchen and cook some of their favorites or come up with new dishes that they've never tried before. When creating, though, it does make you feel even better about the final outcome if you can make and present your meal in Mickey Mouse fashion.

Included in the collection is a cast-iron Dutch oven, a Mickey imprint silicone tool, and a couple of Mickey Mouse-shaped ramekins. Trust me, you're going to want all of them not only to make the set complete, but also because they're simply that awesome.

Pop Sugar reported that the only places you can get these items will be on the Le Creuset website, in Le Creuset stores, and in Williams Sonoma locations. Here are the prices for the items you're sure to want to pick up soon.
  • Mickey Mouse Dutch oven - $350
  • Mickey ramekins - $50
For those wanting some of the other Disney-related items from Le Creuset, you will have to keep your eyes peeled as they sell out often. The Beauty and the Beast soup pot runs for $280 and can be purchased in either blue or yellow.

The Snow White Apple Cocotte set can be picked up for $230, and it is also quite incredible.

When it comes to Mickey Mouse, Le Creuset knew that this was a collaboration with Disney they simply couldn't wait to announce. Everyone loves to cook and everyone loves to do it in style, so, why not do it with the most famous mouse in the world? With the release of this set, Disney now has three different collections from Le Creuset and it seems there may only be more to come.