Who Went Home On ‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Episode 4? [Spoilers]


There was trivia and rotten food on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight, as the players were puking things up everywhere. It was a shocking night on The Challenge Season 31, but who went home on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight? Find out the Episode 4 results from tonight below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge Season 31, viewers watched the first Elimination Challenge of the season, as it was Cory taking on Nelson. They had to kick a soccer ball that was on fire into their opponent’s net. This was a terrible display of soccer, as neither of them was close. It went to sudden death and Nelson rolled a goal into the net and won, so Cory was eliminated. He also got the first grenade of the season, as he chose to take $5,000 away from Joss. For the new challenge, it was Natalie and Devin winning and splitting $25,000. They both made the Troika for the week, as Johnny Bananas got the other spot. They picked Kam, Alicia, and Kayleigh for elimination and the inquisition had just started.

Elimination Challenge

The players arrived in front of TJ Lavin and the Troika announced they selected Alicia to take on Melissa in this challenge. For the challenge, it was called “Chain Reaction.” There were four chains suspended in the middle of the ring. Each chain had rungs on it and they had to build a stepladder. They had to be the first player to climb to the top and ring a bell.


This one was close at first, but Melissa pulled ahead and won this challenge. That meant Alicia was eliminated on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight. For winning, Melissa got a grenade and it gave her three options. They were to choose the teams at the next challenge, choose one player to drink a liter of cream before the next challenge, or choose one player to sit out of the next challenge.


The house got pizza delivered for everyone. For some reason, Marie decided to take a box to her room. Brad was not impressed and ended up calling her out on it, as he said it was disrespectful to others who didn’t even know the pizza was there yet. Brad left and was having some fun with Britni when Marie snuck into their room and flung three boxes of pizza to them in bed. This turned into a big argument, as low blows were thrown.

The Challenge

For this challenge, it was called “Food Wars.” It was played in teams, as they are asked trivia questions. The winning team got to pick one other team to be safe with them. They also got to pick what food the losing players would eat, as there was a wall of food options to choose from. Overall, the last team standing won this challenge and got $24,000. The first team out would have to select one player to go to the Elimination Challenge. This was a genderless week, so guys and girls could be eliminated.

For her grenade, Melissa decided to choose the teams for this challenge. She picked them, which are below.

  • Team 1 – Melissa, Shane, and Devin
  • Team 2 – Leroy, Britni, and Kyle
  • Team 3 – Johnny Bananas, Kayleigh, and Cara Maria
  • Team 4 – Brad, Joss, and Sylvia
  • Team 5 – Veronica, Jemmye, and Nicole
  • Team 6 – Tony, Marie, and Zach
  • Team 7 – Natalie, Nelson, and Kam
  • Team 8 – Kailah and Victor


After the first question, five of the teams were eliminated in a shocker. Tony owned eating that food tonight, as it came down to Team 3 and Team 6 in the final two. They had to pick their best player to compete in a food war, as it was Tony again taking on Cara Maria, as they ate mayonnaise. Tony won it again, as Team 6 won and they got $24,000 to share among the three of them. They are also the Troika for the week and got to pick the losing team, and they picked Team 4. Now Team 4 had to vote one of their players into the Elimination Challenge and they voted Sylvia in, so now it turned into a girls’ elimination week on The Challenge: Vendettas.

The Challenge: Vendettas airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.