Youtuber Shot: The Search For The Suspect Begins

Youtuber shot search for suspect begins

Youtube is a nice place to host videos you made in your spare time, and its versatile nature makes it a default app on most smartphones. However, it also places you in public jeopardy if your viewers know where you live and decide they don’t like you that much. The motive is still under investigation.

The shooting death of a gun enthusiast and weapons expert who managed a popular YouTube channel FPSRussia has spurred a manhunt for the suspect. Authorities in Georgia are on the lookout, according to the Huffington Post.

Amanda Ratliff, the now-widowed wife of Keith Ratliff, the Youtube channel’s producer, had this to say:

“It’s really heartbreaking, and everything I see, or any kind of memorable thing — I mean, I just break down. He had such a life to live, and such a good life to live, and things to look forward to.”

Authorities found multiple weapons at the scene of the crime, some manufactured by the late Youtube producer, but investigators have not identified a motive.

Ratliff worked mostly behind the scenes for the YouTube channel, a site dedicated to showcasing high-power firearms. FPSRussia has acquired nearly 3.5 million subscribers and has generated over 500,000 page views is one of the top 10 Youtube channels.

Ratliff’s death is being investigated as a homicide, Mike Ayers of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed with FOX News. Ayers states:

“He [Ratliff] did sustain a gunshot wound that was not self-inflicted … robbery does not appear to be the motive.”

Anyone with information on the case is urged to call the Georgia Bureau of Investigations tipline at 1-800-282-8746.