Kim Zolciak Reveals Kroy Biermann Made Millions In Tweet Slamming Viewer Criticism

Kim Zolciak is back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta after a few years of being away from the spotlight. But as it turns out, she’s back with a vengeance. For a while, Zolciak filmed her own show with her family, and aside from a violent dog bite, the storylines were rather innocent. However, now that Kim is back on the wildly successful show, she may be stepping up in regard to the drama. Over the past couple of weeks, Kim has made headlines because of her behavior against NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore. Kim and Kenya may not be friends, but Zolciak seems to have an issue with Kenya getting married.

This week, Zolciak made headlines again because people thought she was being dramatic over finding something in her cereal box. She put a photo on social media, tagging Kellogg’s in the tweet, revealing that she had found something dark in her cereal. Fans thought she was outrageous, revealing she would do just about anything for attention and fame. According to a new tweet, Kim Zolciak is now lashing out at viewers, revealing she has absolutely no reason to overreact. Sadly, she’s using her husband’s income in her argument as to why she doesn’t need to do anything for attention.

Trying to be Britney Spears ????????????

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“Are you ok? Sweetie when I find something in my food that doesn’t belong there I question it? Something of this magnitude especially. I don’t need a check sweetie I’m 6 seasons into my own show and hubby made millions and millions! Cheers and Happy New Year b**ch,” read the tweet that Kim Zolciak shared, while the original tweeter deleted her tweet.

It does seem odd that Kim constantly has to brag about what she has when making a case. She often refers to her skincare line, her husband’s former career with the NFL, and the success of her own show, Don’t Be Tardy. She is constantly bragging about her success, even though she doesn’t have to. Fans already know that she has a successful show and that she married Kroy. It’s no secret that he made several millions of dollars playing in the league. However, it’s not clear as to why Kim is using her husband’s earnings in a tweet to prove that she doesn’t need any more in her life. For many of her fans, money isn’t everything in life.

Kim Zolciak is currently filming two shows for Bravo and is working on her skincare line. It’s uncertain why she feels like she has to address fans who slam her behavior online.