‘Gold Rush’: Todd Hoffman Gives Hunter Another Chance While Parker Schnabel Quits Mining For Tony Beets

Recap of the latest episode titled 'The Father, The Son and The Holy Roller.'

Recap of the latest episode titled 'The Father, The Son and The Holy Roller.'

This week, Parker Schnabel has happily begun setting up the last cut that he has to mine for Tony Beets. Meanwhile, Todd Hoffman gives his son another chance, while the Beets crew is stuck in the same spot.

Things are looking up. Todd Hoffman has a new trommel, which he has called the Holy Roller, located in the Golden Gultch.

Todd has announced that to break even this season, the crew needs 1,500 ounces. It is not clear if this number includes the 100 ounces that Todd is losing to his bet with Parker, as Parker is definitely going to win this one. This may cure Todd’s need to bet ever again.

Now Todd has to deal with his son Hunter. Todd has to search for him and finds Hunter at the gas station, away from the crew. He is sulking a bit, telling his dad that he is not being respected by the other miners and insists he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Parker then decides to take a chance on Hunter once again and puts him in charge. Soon, father and son begin arguing again. This time, they argue how they are going to transport the feeder.

Soon, Hunter takes charge and sets up the sluice after he argues about sluices and chutes. Eventually, father and son hug and things are okay between them again.

Parker Schnabel is nearly done mining on Tony Beets’ cut. He is opening up a new cut for Sluicifer that he is calling the fitting name “The Last Cut.”

“This cut that we’re opening up here for Sluicifer is, you know, the last piece of ground that I intend on mining for Tony, so we’re calling it The Last Cut.”

This is no small claim, as it is the size of six football fields. Yet, it is very muddy and swampy. Despite this, Parker wants the overburden completely removed in a week, but they are battling major mud.

Now the crew needs to create a drainage system. The battery for the pump is dead, slowing everything even more. Turns out the problem is a bad terminal cable and an air leak in the pump.

So, according to Monsters and Critics, Parker “primes the pump” just “like an ancient Egyptian.” Parker uses wet mud to seal the hole, and the strong summer sun naturally dries it.

They test it for pay, and all looks good! At cleanup time, Big Red weighs in at 248.8 ounces. The season total is now at 3,851 ounces.

Parker has made it clear that unlike Todd Hoffman, he is focused on achieving his 5,000-ounce goal.

“We can’t stop mining until we’ve got 5,000 ounces of gold and we’re still 1,400 ounces short of that.”

Perhaps now that mining for Tony Beets is behind him, Parker seems confident he will reach his ambitious goal.

What about Tony Beets? The mega-barge is out of commission and there is nothing more to report from the Beets crew this week. Perhaps next week there will be some machinery action and more big gold totals from Kevin and Monica.