Kylie Jenner Reportedly Using Tyga As Backup Plan Amid Travis Scott Feud: Baby Birth Nearing

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Kylie Jenner is keeping Tyga by her side as her relationship with Travis Scott continues to crumble, according to a new report.

The reality star, who started dating Travis back in April 2017, is said to have endless up and down moments with the rapper, and he has been absent for the majority of her pregnancy.

Of course, it should be noted that Scott’s absence was because he was already scheduled a world tour in the midst of having found out that he was going to become a father.

With that said, Kylie Jenner’s relationship with her beau has greatly been affected due to the supposed fact that he’s never around, which has led the 20-year-old to find comfort talking to Tyga again, it’s been reported.

Hollywood Life claims that Kylie Jenner’s backup plan is to potentially get back with her ex-boyfriend if things with her current beau continue to fall apart, as they have in recent weeks, the source mentions.

It’s further added that Kylie is already back in contact with the “Faded” rapper, hinting that a reconciliation could very well be in the works, but, of course, that will only be if the reality star sees no future with Travis anymore.

Travis and Kylie Jenner haven’t been spotted out together in months, and fans are already wondering whether this will reflect their relationship once the baby arrives.


The socialite is allegedly just weeks away from giving birth to her child, which sources say is a baby girl, but with romance falling down the drain, and Tyga by her side as someone she can rely on, Kylie is reportedly questioning what the future holds for her and Travis.

Recent reports have claimed that Scott is expected to move in with Kylie Jenner upon the arrival of their daughter, and Travis plans on being an active father in his child’s life, especially once the tour dates are out of the way.

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Whether Tyga still has a chance with Kylie Jenner has yet to be determined.

Kylie Jenner has remained silent about information regarding her pregnancy ever since the story first broke in September.