Chris Brown Takes Artwork From CosplayNay Without Permission, Ignites Social Media War With Cosplayer

Jonathan LeibsonGetty Images for Riveting Entertainment

The world of independent art, “cosplaying,” and comics conventions is a small, insular world, wherein the participants tend to look out for one another — and Chris Brown found this out the hard way, today, when he ignited a social media war with Brooklyn-based cosplayer CosplayNay.

CosplayNay, whose real name is Naiquan Midyett, is known on the comics conventions circuit for dressing up as Spider-Man with an urban twist — Peter Parker’s superhero counterpart, in CosplayNay’s world, wears Timberlands and a New York Yankees fitted cap — and his problems with Chris Brown began when Brown posted a photo of CosplayNay on his Instagram page.

There was just one problem with Brown’s post: he not only cropped out the photographer’s watermark, he neither credited the photographer nor CosplayNay for their work.

CosplayNay, for his part, reached out to Chris Brown and thanked him for “showing love” to the photo, but asked him to kindly credit the photographer, and himself, for their part in creating the artwork that Chris Brown enjoyed so much.

Chris Brown responded by deleting the photo he’d posted, then putting up a “statement” on his Instagram page claiming that people shouldn’t complain about not getting tagged in Instagram posts, then claiming that people shouldn’t feel that they’re famous simply because they have a few followers on social media.

Naturally, Chris Brown’s fans sided with the singer and sometime painter, claiming that CosplayNay was only trying to get “shine” from Chris Brown’s fame.

For those of you who don’t understand ☕️????

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CosplayNay, on the other hand, had a different story — and even got Chris Brown to comment on the original post with more of his venom and shade.

CosplayNay’s fans, for their part, also had a lot to say about Chris Brown, and noted that if the situation were reversed — if someone had taken Chris Brown’s artwork without his permission, or without giving him due credit — he would be feeling the same way that CosplayNay was feeling right now.


For Brown’s part, he deleted all of the social media posts that were antagonistic towards CosplayNay, but the cosplayer still has all of his posts up on social media illustrating what had gone on.

It seems as though Chris Brown has caused some trouble for himself yet again.