Kathy Hilton Responds To Kyle Richards’ Family Tension Claim

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Has Kathy Hilton really distanced herself from her sister, Kyle Richards? That’s what Kyle seemed to claim on last week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills show when she broke down crying while talking to Dorit Kemsley about her relationship with her sisters, Kathy and Kim Richards. In tears, Kyle confessed that based on her family life growing up, she didn’t feel she could share her happiness over selling two more TV shows with her sisters. Kyle admitted that things were awkward with her sisters and that she felt left out. During a confessional interview, Kyle also said that her husband’s decision to break free from Kathy’s husband’s real estate firm to start his own company damaged the sibling relationship.

According to Kathy, she harbors no ill feelings towards Kyle. In response to a recent Instagram video that Kathy posted, a viewer left a comment telling her that the way she treats Kyle is appalling. In defense of Kathy, a fan told the viewer that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and to go away. Kathy chimed in to agree with her fan and added that Kyle’s “a great girl.”

“mikepaul_s: The way you treat Kyle is appalling”

“kristen_salas: @mikepaul_s you don’t even know what the hell your talking about go away!!!”

“kathyhilton: @kristen_salas you are reading my mind she’s a great girl. I was thinking just shut up and go talk a walk your ruining my fun.”

Kim also seems to have no bad feelings towards Kyle. Just two weeks ago, Kim posted a sweet tribute to Kyle in celebration of her birthday.

On last weeks The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, Kyle Richards revealed that things were not all that great in her relationship with her sisters, Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards. She implied that Kathy and Kim were not happy about her success. Kyle also admitted that she’s not always invited to Kathy’s Christmas parties.

“It’s not like it was before, where we did everything together, talk every day, 10 times a day, it’s not like that…My family celebrates Christmas but I’m not always invited now, so now it’s like, you know, I wouldn’t, like, go with my husband to Kathy’s.”

In a confessional interview, Kyle explained that she didn’t share her good news with her sisters because she wasn’t sure she would get a good reaction.

“When I heard I sold two more shows, I just didn’t feel like I could call my sisters and say, ‘Guess what! I sold two more shows!’ I didn’t know what reaction I would get and just didn’t what to be let down by that and because I don’t have my parents to share those things with, I thought I would just keep it to myself for now.”

Kyle attributed the change to her producing a show based on her life growing up with them and their mom.

“My sisters and I used to call each other every day but after producing American Woman, it’s changed. It has. I want to be able to explain to them that these shows are inspired by my life, not theirs, because I don’t want any more problems with my sisters.”

Kyle further explained that after working for Kathy Hilton’s husband’s real estate firm for years, her husband, Mauricio Umansky, started his own business. Kyle confessed that Mauricio’s action didn’t sit well with Kathy and her husband, Rick Hilton.

“That doesn’t always work well in a family dynamic and it can complicate things. I just, I mean I love my sisters, a lot, it’s very complicated.”


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In a previous season, Kyle admitted that Mauricio was not invited to Rick and Kathy’s daughter’s wedding, and she would have to go without him. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that episode aired, Kathy posted some tweets that made clear her disappointment that the matter was made public on the show. Kathy also said that people don’t know the truth.

During her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live last Tuesday, Kyle reiterated that there had been some “tension and awkwardness” with Kim and Kyle but denied that there’s a rift.

“Less than being a rift, it was more like I just didn’t feel I could reach out in that moment [that] there was something to share because there’s been some tension and awkwardness. And it’s hard when you don’t have your parents. You really lean on your siblings. So in that moment, and Dorit just caught me in that moment where it came out, and I really wish it didn’t, but it did.”

When Andy then asked Kyle Richards how things were now between her and her sisters, Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton, Kyle, not sounding all that convincing, said it was “okay.”

“Um, ah, okay. Yeah, I mean, yeah.”