Lala Kent Announces She Has Ended Friendship With James Kennedy: Is James Jealous Of Her Life?

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Lala Kent was shocked when she made a joke when she was out with James Kennedy and his friend Logan on last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. The joke was made with respect to James’ girlfriend Raquel, as she had supposedly made some pasta that Lala ate. However, Kennedy took the joke as a mean jab at him and his girlfriend, revealing that he didn’t appreciate Lala making fun of his girlfriend. However, Kent revealed that she meant no harm with the comment, telling Kennedy that he needed to relax. The scene escalated and Lala asked James to leave her alone. As it turns out, these two haven’t fixed their issues.

As the episode played out last night, Kent decided to reveal that she was disappointed in how James handled the entire situation. According to a new tweet, Lala Kent reveals that it is heartbreaking for her as they are no longer friends. In her post, she reveals she’s mourning the loss of their friendship. Perhaps Kent was questioning whether it was the right decision to let the friendship go, but after watching the episode last night, she realized that this was the right decision for her. Ever since she announced her relationship with Randall Emmett, he hasn’t been the same.

It is possible that James is jealous of Lala Kent’s relationship. It’s no secret that Kent is completely spoiled. Randall really cares for Kent and he wants to make her happy. Perhaps James is jealous that he wasn’t able to have Lala as a girlfriend. For months, he tried to get into her pants and she admitted that it finally happened last year. Maybe Lala was the one who got away from him, which is why he’s acting out. As things get more serious with Emmett, Kennedy may feel that he’s losing Lala. He does have his own girlfriend, but even Racquel appears to be taking a backseat when it comes to his friends. During the episode last night, rumors started swirling that Kennedy may have hooked up with his friend Logan.


Lala Kent is still dating Randall Emmett. While James Kennedy hinted that Randall would leave Lala behind, it sounds like these two are going strong despite the negative comments by her former friend.